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The Tragos Write Your Own Law Scholarship

Attorney George Tragos is the managing partner at the personal injury firm, Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos in Clearwater, FL. For over 30 years, he has passionately defended his clients’ rights as defined by the U.S. Constitution.

Attorney Tragos has a successful history of working within the Florida and federal legal systems and has been recognized as a Top Lawyer in the Wall Street Journal, AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell, and a 10.0 rating from Avvo.

Laws shape the nation and can affect your life in ways you are often unaware of. People often come to lawyers because they don’t fully understand the legal situation they now find themselves in. Although they can sometimes be complicated, and it may seem like there’s a never ending stream to learn and understand about the legal system, Attorney Tragos believes that having a grasp of our legal processes is fundamentally important. He has seen first-hand the effects that laws can have on everyday Americans.

Mr. Tragos is deeply invested in the Clearwater community, spending countless hours mentoring and educating fellow Floridians whenever possible. He hopes to spark students’ interest in the legal system and encourage them to consider the implications of each law in a broader sense.

As a tenacious and resourceful trial attorney, Mr. Tragos is a commanding presence in any courtroom. His commitment to clients and discretion in cases has gained him recognition as a powerful partner at trial. He has proved himself as an excellent attorney, not only in personal injury law, but many other areas of law as well. His professional demeanor and experience sets his clients at ease. He knows the law inside and out.

To help a deserving student reach their academic goals and impress upon them the importance of lawmaking, the Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos is excited to establish the Tragos Write Your Own Law Scholarship. The scholarship will award $500 to a deserving student who presents a creative, practical, and substantive law for the United States.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria:

  • This scholarship is offered to any student currently enrolled in an accredited community college, undergraduate, or graduate program in the United States. This includes incoming first-year college students who are high school graduates or possess a GED.
  • All eligible candidates must be in good academic standing, with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

Application Requirements:

  • A completed application Tragos Law cover sheet.
  • An updated résumé, including your contact information and status as a student.
  • A 750-word essay responding to the following prompt: If you could write one bill into law, what would it be? Why? Please provide a thoughtful analysis of the effect of your law.
  • A current unofficial transcript from the applicant’s school (NOTE: First-year college students must submit an unofficial transcript from their most recent school, as well as an unofficial transcript from their current post-secondary institution.)

Application Deadline & Instructions:

In order to be eligible, scholarship applicants must submit their FULL application (personal statement, cover sheet, transcript(s), and résumé) by email to The official deadline for all application materials is May 31, 2017.

Subject Line: Name of the Applicant — Name of the Scholarship
Attachments: Application Cover Letter, Personal Statement, Transcript, and Resume