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For many parents, go-karts are fun way they can engage with their kids and teach them about the basics of automobile use. But many of the people who use go-karts don’t understand or don’t respect the inherent dangers of the vehicles. Children often don’t have the fine motor controls that driving any kind of motor vehicle – be it Ford sedan or little scooter – demands. And when you put kids behind the wheel of a dangerous go-kart, you may be setting yourself up for disaster. With this in mind, even if proper safety precautions are taken injuries can still happen. When this takes place, a Clearwater go-kart injury lawyer can help by guiding the injured party through the claims process and ensuring that they are able to seek recovery.


According to studies, children who are injured as a result of go-kart accidents require an average of five days in the hospital, with half of them requiring surgery and about a third requiring two or more surgeries. And according to a report by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 10,000 children are injured in go-kart accidents every year. That’s harrowing information for any parent to receive. Part of the problem is that while public tracks have rigid safety restrictions to protect the management in the eventuality of an accident, privately owned go-karts are essentially unregulated.

Safety Tips

Fortunately, avoiding go-kart injuries can be fairly simple, if you follow a few basic safety tips:

  • Don’t crowd other drivers, as this greatly increases the likelihood of a collision.
  • Always pay attention to road conditions and keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. The same rules that apply to safely driving a car apply to safely driving a go-kart.
  • Move away from crashes ahead of you to avoid compounding the problem.

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