Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Clearwater

A person should hire an attorney after a car accident to make sure that their interests and rights are protected throughout the legal process. Often the at-fault driver, the insured company for the at-fault driver, and even your own insurance company all have their own interests in mind and may not be looking out for your best interests. Therefore, by hiring an attorney, you will have someone on your side, who is only worried about your personal interest and your car accident claim.

Furthermore, an attorney who knows the ropes and is able to make sure that all your rights are protected, and that nothing is done that will have a long-lasting negative effect on your case. For this reason, it is very important to retain an experienced Clearwater car accident lawyer as soon as possible to assist your with your case.

Initial Instructions an Attorney Will Provide

The initial instruction the attorney provides to a person is to follow the doctor’s orders. If you have pain and the doctor thinks you need treatment, then you should probably follow those orders to see if that will help resolve your pain. The point of the entire personal injury process is so that people, who have done nothing wrong and are injured and their lives are changed forever by the negligence of someone else, can be restored to the position that they were in, or as close to it as possible, prior to the car accident.

If you had no neck pain prior to the car accident or if you had no knee pain prior to the car accident, an attorney will want to get you back in that position. If you have torn your ACL, an attorney want you to have surgery so that you have no pain in your knee, and we want the at-fault party or their insurance to pay for that knee surgery so you do not have to because you did nothing to cause the injury.

After following your doctor’s orders to help you get better, a lawyer’s next instruction is to not talk to anybody about the case. Give the person or business our card or our phone number so we can handle the issues for you. Next, we would advise that you make sure that, throughout the process, you keep us involved and up to date. If we do not know that something is going on, we cannot handle the situation for you.

What to Look for in a Lawyer

Your injury lawyer first and foremost should be somebody who is experienced in handling car accident cases. You want somebody who has tried a case before, has been to court, knows how to handle a case from beginning to end, and will not delegate your case to someone else halfway through the process.

You also want an attorney who answers your phone calls and is available to you. and who has a good work ethic. Often reviewing what other clients say is the best way to determine how the attorneys will interact with you.

It is also important to be able to talk to attorneys on the case, not just assistants, receptionists, or paralegals because the attorney is the one who takes your case to court. They have to know your case if they are going to handle it from beginning to end. If your attorney does not know your case and you never talk to the attorney on your case, how can you have confidence that the attorney is able to prove your case before a judge or jury to obtain the maximum value of your car accident case?

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