Peter Tragos Advocates For Children Involved in Daycare Abuse Case

Peter Tragos Advocates For Children Involved in Daycare Abuse Case

After the son of a day-care operator was arrested on charges of child molestation, previously unknown allegations of sexual abuse back in 2013 against the same boy at the same center, are only now coming to light.

And parents of the alleged victims want to know why.



The parents of toddlers at Jacque’s Teddy Bear Child Care had no idea that the center had been under investigation previously. Due to a supposed clerical error, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) did not review the sheriff’s 2013 report regarding the investigation and no actions were taken.

Eventually the case was dropped due to lack of evidence, and the child care center was allowed to continue operating without ever informing potential parents of the previous allegations.

Now, the parents are wondering why they were never told. Even after a thorough background check and research of the child care center, no information regarding the previous allegations were divulged. The parents turned to attorney Peter Tragos for representation in this terrifying case. They question why more children were placed at risk without parents ever being informed of the previous allegations.

In an interview on WFLA-TV in Tampa, Peter Tragos commented, “They are mortified. The choice was taken from them to do anything because they were not given the information. The sheriff’s office said let this be a lesson to parents, do your research before you send your kids somewhere. These parents did the research. They did everything they could.”

Tragos continued, “Any chance that some allegation is made, I really think that DCF would want to get as much information as possible to dot all their I’s and cross all their T’s in an investigation.”

Peter Tragos and the Law Offices of Tragos, Sartes, and Tragos are vigilant in pursuit of the truth of circumstances surrounding this case. They lend their expertise to those who are victimized in this manner and will continue to pursue the options available to them to make sure these cases do not arise again.

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