Attorneys Peter Tragos & Peter Sartes Speak at Clearwater High School Career Day

Attorneys Peter L. Tragos and Peter A. Sartes were asked to talk to the students of Clearwater High School during Career Day about the legal profession. They were both excited about the opportunity to share their passion for the law and for representing clients with the students who attended this event. The high school’s career day was held on January 27, 2015 for seniors who are making crucial decisions in regard to the direction of their futures in hope that these speakers could help bring clarity as to the direction of their career paths.

Clearwater High School’s seniors heard from Attorney Tragos and Attorney Sartes about the life and work that lawyers experience. The attorneys were also able to answer numerous questions asked by the students who are considering pursuing a legal career in their future. Students received the opportunity to more fully understand the practice of law by hearing from the lawyers about how it affects their personal lives and what it has cost them. The attorneys also shared the reasons that they enjoy the legal field and how it has positively impacted their lives.

Giving Back to the Community of Clearwater

At the Law Offices of Tragos & Sartes, the Clearwater injury lawyers frequently jump at opportunities to share the knowledge they have obtained through schooling and hands-on experience with others who are pursuing a career in the field of law. Gaging by the level of interaction of the students, high school seniors throughout Clearwater benefitted from the advice and information offered from the two lawyers who represented the firm at the school’s career day.

Attorney Sartes and Attorney Tragos were honored to be part of this event. They enjoy the work they perform on behalf of clients who have suffered personal injuries, and this gave them an opportunity to share their passion with a younger generation who could be the future lawyers of Clearwater.

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