Car Accidents Caused by Animals in Clearwater


Florida’s diverse wildlife is part of what makes the state great. Unfortunately, animals can seriously damage a vehicle in the event of a collision. Even if a driver manages to avoid the animal, they may swerve into other cars or objects off the side of the road. In the event of car accidents caused by animals in Clearwater, all compensation that you recover from the accident will be paid out by your insurance company. If you moved to avoid an animal and collide with another vehicle, you will most likely be found to be at-fault in the accident. It may be vital to speak with a distinguished car accident attorney regarding the facts of your case.

Claims for a Crash Caused by Animals

The most important thing to remember for car accidents caused by animals in Clearwater is that protections are determined by the individual’s insurance policy. Florida law requires that policies carry a minimum protection level of $10,000.00 for personal injury and $10,000 for property damage. But if an individual gets into an accident with a larger animal, such as a deer or bear, their car may be considered a total loss.

If someone has only the minimum required coverage, they could be out thousands of dollars. If they manage to avoid hitting the animal but are forced off the road into oncoming traffic or a tree, they may also suffer significant injuries. Once again, the injured individual’s insurance will be the only source of compensation in these cases, and medical bills can easily eclipse the $10,000 minimum.

Level of Insurance Protection

It is entirely up to an individual to determine the level of protection that their insurance policies provide. If someone buys a new car, it is certain that the value of that car is more than the $10,000.00 minimum. But even if someone has an older car, any bodily injury that they may suffer in a one-car accident may easily surpass the minimum coverage.

The situation becomes even worse if there is another car involved. While a person may not like to think about what will happen to the animal if they cannot avoid hitting it, the fact remains that if a driver swerves to avoid an animal and causes an accident with another car, they will most likely be at fault for any property and bodily harm that results.

Not only will the driver be stuck with the bill for their own damages, but they will also be legally liable for any harm caused to anyone else. Car accidents caused by animals in Clearwater can have a catastrophic effect on both someone’s health and their finances. By having a comprehensive insurance policy that fits an individuals needs and budget, they can limit the financial burden of an accident.

Hiring a Lawyer

Insurance companies do not always have their client’s best interest at heart. A car accident lawyer can help you navigate your insurance policy and understand the overall impact on your recovery. They can help you gather the necessary evidence and support for you to claim the damages you deserve. Contact a lawyer to begin filing your claim and begin your road to recovery.


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