Clearwater Guardrail Safety

Clearwater Guardrail Safety

When people drive on federal or state funded roadways, they typically assume the roads are safe and will not place motorists in unnecessary harm. One important safety addition to many roads is guardrails. Guardrails are in place to keep cars from falling off roadways, veering off the road, or veering into oncoming traffic in another lane, and they have been proven to significantly reduce the severity of injuries in accidents that do occur.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of a defective or absent guardrail on a public road, you could be eligible to receive financial compensation to help pay for medical and repair bills, as well as for pain and suffering. Contact the Clearwater personal injury lawyers of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos, P.L.L.C., today at 727-441-9030 for more information.

Guardrail Regulations

Statistics show that guardrails prevent 45 percent of all injuries or deaths in car accidents. Guardrails are especially effective on elevated roadways, but they can be dangerous if they are unmaintained. There are certain regulations guardrails have to adhere to in order to be effective, including:

  • Cars cannot bounce off guardrail and back into traffic
  • A car cannot drive over or under the rail
  • The rail has to be sturdy enough to slow down and stop a moving car
  • The guardrail cannot injure a driver when he or she hits it

Guardrails should be in place and well maintained in order to keep drivers safe. If they are not, you may be able to hold a negligent municipality responsible.

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