The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

According to the American Medical Association, there are approximately 2,100 accidental deaths and 10,000 nonfatal carbon monoxide poisoning incidents each year in the United States, making it the leading cause of poisoning deaths. Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the “silent killer,” because it is a tasteless and odorless gas that is produced anytime natural gas, oil, propane, or any fuel is burned. If the pipes or appliances in your home radiate dangerous amounts of CO, you could suffer serious harm or even die in a very short amount of time.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause impaired judgment, damage to your nervous system, respiratory system, heart problems, coma, and even death. To learn about your legal rights as someone who has suffered carbon monoxide poisoning in a property not your own, contact a lawyer today.

The Landlord’s Responsibility

Landlords and property owners have a responsibility to install and maintain carbon monoxide detectors in homes that they rent or lease to others. These detectors read the amount of gas in your home and will sound an alarm if it reaches a dangerous level. Landlords owe tenants a number of responsibilities including the following:

  • Installing working detectors and inspecting them regularly to ensure they are still working properly
  • Keeping appliances and pipes maintained and in working order to prevent leaks
  • Hiring a professional to inspect and repair all appliances and pipes that use gas
  • Keep thorough records of every appliance inspection

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