Bus Safety Tips

Every day thousands of children ride the bus to and from school. It is natural for parents to feel a little nervous about this. If your children use public transportation, you can ease your mind by making sure they know basic safety rules. A child who does not know simple precautions can be seriously injured on an otherwise perfectly safe trip.

Tips Your Kids Should Know

  • Stand away from the curb while waiting for the bus. Do not run or play in the street.
  • If there are several buses waiting outside your school, be very careful walking around them. Do not run out from around a bus or step in front of one. If you have to cross in front of the bus, wait for the driver to make eye contact and signal for you to go ahead.
  • Stay seated on the bus. Do not distract the driver with loud noise or horseplay. Be especially quiet at railroad crossings and busy intersections so the driver can listen.
  • Watch your backpack, scarf, and any other loose clothing when walking up or down the bus steps. Loose articles can get caught and make you trip.
  • Pay attention to whatever the crossing guard, bus driver, teachers, or other trustworthy adults tell you.

Contact a Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyer

Sometimes accidents happen, even when children and their parents take every precaution. If your child has been injured by a negligent bus driver or bus manufacturer, you may have grounds for legal action.

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