How much does it cost to hire an attorney in a criminal case in Florida?

Obviously, that’s a very important question. People want to know “Can I afford the lawyer that I really need to represent me?” Many factors go into making that determination. One is how serious is the offense? Is it a shoplifting case or is it a murder case? How much time will a lawyer have to put into the defense? How technical is the defense? What kind of experience do I need as a client in a lawyer in order to find the right one that can do this job? Is it somebody right out of law school or is it somebody that’s got years of experience doing this kind of work?

All of those factors go into the determination of the fee, and then, what kind of fee? Do I pay that lawyer by the hour or do I pay them a flat rate? By the hour means he work an hour, I pay him for that hour. A flat rate means I give them one fee; I don’t care how many hours it takes because people in criminal cases really are looking for a result. They’re not looking for the amount of time it takes.

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