What types of sentences are there for crimes in Florida?

Basically in Florida there are two types of crimes. Misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are those that have a sentence of up to a year or less but not more than a year. Felonies normally are more than a year. In Florida, third degree felonies for example, are up to five years in prison. Second degree felonies are up to 15 years in prison. Then you have first degree felonies, life felonies and capital penalties that are punishable by death.

So depending on the level of crime you’re charged with, that’ll determine whether or not you get sentenced to prison or not, and in Florida we have sentencing guidelines. Those guidelines tell a judge what kind of a sentence is recommended. The judge can go above the guidelines but to go below the guidelines, the judge has to give reasons.

So we have sentencing guidelines that mix with the statutory maximums in a crime to determine what your sentence will be.

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