Motor vehicle accidents are always dangerous, but motorcycle crashes can be particularly deadly. The physical harm may be even worse, and the authorities sometimes assume the motorcyclist must be the cause of the incident. You may need advice from a skilled personal injury attorney. A Brandon motorcycle accident lawyer could help you establish liability and recover the damages you deserve.

Important Evidence in Motorcycle Accident Cases

Right after a crash a victim may be dazed and frightened, but it is crucial to begin considering the next step. Do not admit any responsibility for the accident, and start gathering crucial information—names and addresses of other people involved, road conditions, and witness accounts—as soon as possible.

Other things to do include taking photos of any injuries or damage to the motorcycle, and keeping track of all medical bills. Witness testimony is often also very important in any kind of collision case.

Anyone in a significant accident should report it to police, and it will become the subject of an official police report.

Helmet Laws in Brandon

Florida repealed its universal motorcycle helmet law in 2000 for riders over the age of 21. However, a motorcyclist who chooses to not wear a helmet must carry $10,000 of medical payment insurance.

A motorcyclist who chooses to wear a helmet should always look for one that has an official sticker or other marking indicating that it complies with all rules and standards issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Some motorists who carry insurance on their automobiles may fail to have coverage for their bikes, which they see as more recreational vehicles. This is a mistake. Individuals in an accident who do not have insurance could lose their licenses, and it could also affect the damages they can recover for injuries.

Standard of Negligence in Motorcycle Accident Cases

If a person suffers an injury in a collision where they were not following the rules of the road perfectly, a Brandon motorcycle accident lawyer could still help them recover damages.

The courts apply a comparative negligence rule, which looks at the share of fault of the various parties involved in the collision.

PIP Coverage

Florida requires personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for automobile and truck drivers. This provides coverage for medical expenses under the no-fault insurance rules, regardless of whose fault the accident was.

But this coverage is not available to motorcycle riders, even if the motorcycle owner already has a PIP policy for a car. Since motorcyclists often suffer worse injuries in collisions that drivers do, this puts them at higher risk of both financial and physical calamity.

Speaking With a Brandon Motorcycle Accident Attorney

You should not just sign a form that the insurance company puts in front of you. You have rights, and an experienced and aggressive lawyer could be able to help you vindicate those rights, even if the system seems stacked against you. An experienced Brandon motorcycle accident lawyer could provide you with the help you need.

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