If you’ve lived in Florida long enough, you may have watched a shuttle launch. Famously, of course, NASA conducts many of its operations-including launches-in Florida. Our state’s geographic location, near sea level and closer to the equator, makes it the ideal place to launch shuttles.

Florida’s location is advantageous for other kinds of aviation as well. Aside from the occasional hurricane, the weather here is more predictable than in many states, and the flat land allows for easier takeoffs and landings.

For these reasons, aviation is one of the bigger contributors to Florida’s economy. But along with the ground-breaking research and commerce aviation brings to our state, aviation also carries risks.

Therefore if you have been injured in an airplane related accident it is important you consult with a Clearwater airplane accident attorney as soon as possible to begin discussing your claim. An experienced accident attorney in Clearwater can look at the facts and circumstances surrounding your injuries and build the strongest claim possible.

Frequency of Airplane Accidents

Aviation accidents are rare, compared with most other forms of transportation. Around the country, there are thousands of passenger and freight flights every day. When aviation accidents do occur, however, they can be disastrous. Many aviation accidents are small single-engine planes piloted by amateurs. You may have seen stories in the news about single-engine planes crashing into fields or houses.

Larger aviation accidents do occur, however. The deadliest aviation accident in Florida occurred in 1996. ValuJet Flight 592 crashed into the Everglades en route to Atlanta from Miami, killing all 110 passengers and crew on board. Other accidents in Florida have been less severe, largely involving problems on takeoff like engine failure.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

Pilot error. Pilots are paid to protect the lives of the people on board and to get them to their destination safely. They must be awake, alert, trained, and sober when they fly. Their mistakes are the most common form of error that causes plane accidents.

Bad design/faulty equipment. Because the physics involved in flying are extremely precise, it is important that the design of the planes is as good as it can be. The equipment must also be inspected regularly so that the mechanical instruments can be as reliable as possible to minimize the risk of malfunction.

Tower error. Air traffic controllers have the very important task of making sure that the planes do not come too close or hit each other. Pilots rely heavily on them for air traffic reports, directions on where and when to land, and weather updates.

Passenger awareness. It is also important for passengers to be calm and obey the stated guidelines for passenger behavior, as this helps everyone on the plane else do their jobs more effectively.

Private Plane Accidents

Amateur pilots can often be very good at what they do, but they are not always as safe as they could be.

People who take a class to get their pilot’s license are often well-qualified to handle flying under normal circumstances but do not necessarily have much experience with adverse weather conditions.

Most of their practice hours in the plane would have been in good weather because the majority of people do not choose to train in unfavorable climate conditions. As such, if they got caught in a storm, they would most likely be in serious trouble.

Also, the small planes that most private pilots fly are often at a severe disadvantage when weather is problematic. They are very light, especially compared to big jet liners, and are often powered by a single propeller, which is not the strongest form of propulsion. They also tend to fly out of and land at very small airports that may be less visible than other massive airports during storms.

With private planes being so small and light along with the relative inexperience of the pilots, it is common that private planes with amateur pilots can pose a significant hazard.

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