A bicycle accident can be a traumatic experience. Someone might be going about their bike, observing biking and traffic laws, and still get hit by a negligent driver. Bicycle accidents can lead to severe injuries that have long-lasting consequences, both personally and financially, which is why the most important thing a person can do following a bicycle accident is to seek medical attention, even if injuries are not immediately apparent.

The next steps to take after a bicycle accident in Clearwater are ensuring that law enforcement photographs and documents the scene of the accident as they determine who was at fault and hiring an attorney who can synthesize all of this information, employ their own investigator if necessary, and advocate for their client as they pursue compensation.

A bicycle accident attorney will correspond with the insurance company to make sure that their client’s rights and best interest are being protected. Insurance companies hire teams of lawyers to represent them when a claim is filed, so it is important that bicycle accident victims have legal representation as well.

Seeking Medical and Law Enforcement Assistance

The most important steps to take after a bicycle accident in Clearwater are seeking medical attention and contacting law enforcement. An accident victim needs to make sure law enforcement shows up to the scene so that they can document the accident, take pictures, and gather all of the information from both parties. It is important that these steps are taken at the scene immediately so nothing gets moved before a law enforcement is actually able to do their investigation.

Contacting Insurance

Contacting insurance should be one of the first steps an accident victim should take, but it is wise to contact an attorney before doing so. A personal injury lawyer can correspond with the insurance company for their client to make sure that nothing is said that can be used against that them later in the case. A person who has been injured in a bicycle accident needs to make sure that their best interest is represented from the very beginning.

Who Should People Contact If They Do Not Have Insurance?

An uninsured bicyclist who has been injured in an accident should contact an attorney to see if the at-fault driver has insurance, or to see if some other insurance may be applicable to their case. A big part of the attorney’s job is to find the party that is responsible for the accident and to pursue compensation for their client’s bicycle accident injuries.

When a Person Should Contact an Attorney

A person who has been hurt in an accident should contact an attorney as soon as possible because an attorney will know what steps to take after their bicycle accident in Clearwater. The sooner a person contacts an attorney, the sooner they have an advocate who can help them understand the process for pursuing compensation and ensure that their rights are being protected as the case moves forward. As soon as an insurance company is contacted, they are protecting whoever they insure, and will often fight to avoid paying fair compensation. Insurance companies hire attorneys to protect their best interest, and it is wise for an accident victim to do the same.

The longer a person waits to contact an attorney after an accident, the further behind that person falls from the insurance company. As soon as the insurance company is notified of an accident, they start their investigation and prepare to defend against claims. It can be difficult for an individual who has just been hurt to keep up on their own. Ideally, accident victims will contact an attorney before speaking with an insurance company, so they have somebody with knowledge and experience protecting their rights and managing the case while they focus on recuperating.

Benefits of a Lawyer

The benefit of consulting with an attorney is that they will know what steps to take after a bicycle accident in Clearwater. A bicycle accident attorney helps their client by analyzing the insurance policies to make sure they can get them to apply to somebody riding a bicycle. They can synthesize and organize their client’s medical bills and records to present them to the insurance company.

They will work to prove their client’s pain and suffering, which can be difficult for an accident victim to prove on their own. Lost wages and medical bills are easy to calculate, but assessing and proving pain and suffering in a way that will compel an insurance company or a jury to award compensation often takes the work of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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