Accidents happen more frequently with cyclists than pedestrians walking on the street. Usually, somebody walking is moving at a slower pace, and it is easier for motorists to see them. In comparison to pedestrians, more bicyclists take chances on the road when they ride quickly, weave in and out of traffic, or move back and forth between the bike lane and the sidewalk. In some cases, accidents are caused by such negligent riding. They are smaller than cars and motorcycles, and therefore more difficult to see for others using the roadway. Because they often share the road with other vehicles, and move faster than pedestrians, riding a bike can more easily lead to accidents than walking.

It is important to speak with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer on beginning the claim filing process for any damages you may have suffered. The defense in a bicycle accident case will often push to avoid paying full compensation to the accident victim. They may try to convince the court that injuries were pre-existing, or that the cyclist is responsible for contributory negligence by not following traffic laws or wearing the proper safety equipment. A local personal injury attorney can help you the importance of knowing the difference between bicycle accidents and other accidents in Clearwater.

Treatment of Bike Accidents

Bikes can be ridden on the sidewalk and in bike lanes, meaning the difference between bicycle accidents and other accidents in Clearwater is the potential they hold to occur off the street. Unless they are motorized, bicycles do not have the same insurance or helmet requirements as motorcycles. Unlike motorcycles, bicycles are usually unable to reach the speed limit posted for cars, so cyclists usually do not have to follow a speed limit. Cyclists have more protections in traffic laws, as cars must yield to bicycles but not necessarily to motorcyclists.

With both bicycles and motorcycles, it is considered reasonably prudent to wear a helmet even if there is no law requiring them. When turning or changing lanes, both cyclists and motorcycle riders must signal either with turn signals or with their hands. When riding on the road, both must follow the same traffic laws as cars, such as obeying traffic signals and yielding to pedestrians.

Protection in Bike Accidents

Oftentimes, motorcyclists wear body gear and body pads to protect them on a motorcycle. One difference between bicycle accidents and other accidents in Clearwater is that motorcycle accidents can be more severe due to greater speeds. A motorcycle is a heavier, sturdier piece of machinery, and if a person riding a bicycle gets hit by a car, he or she has almost has no protection. Some of the most severe accident injuries can happen with bicycles, even though a rider will usually be traveling more slowly on a bicycle than they would on a motorcycle. Their speed may not be as high at impact, but any time an automobile collides with a bicyclist, severe injuries can result.

Difference From Car Accidents

A lot of insurance policies do not cover injuries that occur on a bicycle. An individual is covered under car insurance if the car they are driving in has their insurance applied to it. If a cyclist has motor vehicle insurance that does not cover them when they are on a bicycle, they may have a very difficult time receiving compensation if the driver did not have an insurance policy that covers bicycle accidents.

The injuries sustained in a bicycle accident are usually more severe when compared with motor vehicle accidents because the cyclist does not have the protection of the motor vehicle around them. While the driver has a heavy piece of machinery that is protecting them from impact, the cyclist is on a small bicycle that leaves their body exposed.

Impact of Injuries

The types of injuries that a person can get in a bicycle accident can be a very style=”font-size: 16px;”> different from motor vehicle versus motor vehicle accident. After an accident, a cyclist can be left with road rash, contusions, sprain/strain injuries, head injuries, and broken bones because of the direct contact between their body and the motor vehicle.

Role of  a Lawyer

The insurance policies can be different, and it is important to review the policies to see what is covered and what is not. Policy-issuers can write in them in a way that may cover a motorcycle and not a bicycle or vice versa. When someone is injured in a bicycle accident, their attorney’s first task is to determine whether any party’s insurance should cover the resulting expenses. Speak with your lawyer regarding how the difference between bicycle accidents and other accidents in Clearwater can affect your case.

In most accidents, the bicycle is totaled. To receive compensation for it, the cyclist must prove what the worth of that bicycle is. It usually cannot be repaired like a motorcycle or a car following an accident. The injuries are often more severe in a bicycle accident case because the rider has no surrounding protection. Dealing with those more severe injuries can create a heightened duty for the attorney to make sure that all the medical bills and records are in place to prove the extent of damage to the insurance company or the court.

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