Although it may not seem to be at first, fishing could be a dangerous activity. Although it is an ancient method of obtaining food, it can also be a source of significant injury, even death. Any activity performed on or near water carries with it an inherent danger of drowning, and fishing is no exception.

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Dangers of Fishing

Many chartered fishing expeditions involve going out to a deep part of the ocean because the fish are larger. This, of course, poses a drowning risk, as most fishermen do not tend to wear lifejackets on the boat.

Also, fishermen are at risk of being stuck with the hooks and lures that they use to catch the fish, which can be quite painful and can actually do significant harm. They are extremely sharp and are often thrown around with such force that they can cause serious lacerations and very painful injuries.

Cause of Injuries

Additionally, depending on the location of the fishing activity, there may also be a risk of very harmful insects, bacteria, and other water-borne creatures stinging, biting, or infecting you. Many streams and rivers have harmful inhabitants that can cause serious injuries for fishermen.

Finally, many people consume alcohol while fishing, which of course makes everything more dangerous. It is important to stay as safe as possible while fishing.

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