Based on data from Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System, nearly 375,000 car accidents occurred on the state’s roadways in 2015 alone. Of these, 2,698 individuals involved in those incidents lost their lives and more than 243,000 sustained injuries of one degree or another.

There can be no doubt that the consequences of collisions are often extremely serious and in some cases, last a lifetime. Head-on and frontal crashes pose a unique set of dangers and are known for causing devastating losses to those impacted by them.

If you or a loved one have been in such a collision, a Clearwater head-on collision lawyer can help you begin to pick up the pieces, fight for fair compensation and get on the road to recovery.

Head-On Collision Causation

Though a frontal impact can occur due to any number of unanticipated events, many such collisions happen when a negligent driver attempts to make a left turn, but in doing so fails to properly yield to oncoming traffic.

Another common scenario responsible for catastrophic front-end collisions involves a negligent driver traveling in the wrong direction on a one-way road.

Though driver error can precipitate crashes of this type, in all too many situations, the responsible party is ultimately found to have been operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The unsuspecting victim in such a case will have precious limited time, if any at all, to take evasive action under these types of fact patterns, and sadly, many suffer debilitating injuries or are killed as a result.

Categories of Loss

Automobile accidents of all descriptions are responsible for a staggering number of losses each year, including the physical and emotional damages they inflict upon victims.
Not to be disregarded in the equation is the more than $836 billion dollars in economic loss and overall harm the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests is directly attributable to vehicle collisions, including those characterized by frontal impacts.

Accident victims regularly experience serious financial distress as a result of car crashes, leaving their family members struggling to make ends meet. The massive costs of medical treatment, physical therapy, lost or reduced wages, and other expenses can make it nearly impossible for such individuals to recover from what occurred.

For many victims of front-end vehicle crashes, it is necessary to engage in aggressive negotiation with insurance carriers or, in the alternative, initiate litigation in order to secure the resources and accountability they deserve.

Recovery Available to Victims of Negligence

Though the types of injuries commonly seen in frontal crashes can be extremely serious, and may include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, nerve damage, bone fractures and more, the compensation available to the victims of negligent drivers can similarly be quite substantial.

Those who successfully pursue an award of damages following such an event may be able to obtain payment for:

  • All related medical expenses
  • Ongoing costs of therapy and physical rehabilitation services
  • Lost wages, past, present, and future
  • Diminished future earning potential
  • Emotional trauma and mental distress
  • Physical pain, suffering and discomfort

Pursuing Justice Following Florida Head-On Collisions

Nobody who has been harmed at the hands of a negligent Florida driver should ever have to go it alone in their fight to be made whole for all losses sustained.

A Clearwater head-on collision accident lawyer can offer the aggressive representation and evidence-gathering skills required to obtain maximum financial compensation. To learn how an attorney with our firm can champion your family’s cause following a crash of this type, contact us today.

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