Eyes are some of the most important parts of our bodies. Our way of life is built on the ability to perform things based on visual inputs, and life becomes increasingly difficult as vision decreases. Unfortunately, many people are endangering their eyesight every day at work without knowing it.

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How Injuries May Occur

In a “normal” office setting, most people think that they are relatively free from any potential injury. In fact, there are a variety of quite serious injuries that can occur in an office. Staring at the same computer screen day after day can cause significant vision problems, including blurred vision and even partial or complete blindness.

Working on a computer screen for long hours every day of the week can be dangerous for vision. There are some ways to protect yourself, like regular breaks and there are even some products that claim to lessen the effects of computer screens on the eyes.

Other Jobs At Risk

In addition, many other jobs put our eyes in danger on a regular basis. Welders need special masks, chemists need significant eye protection, carpenters need something to shield their eyes from woodchips, etc. It is important to be very aware of the fragile nature of our eyes and how we can protect them.

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