Federal sex crimes offenses typically follow sentencing guidelines to determine appropriate penalties for the person facing conviction. It is important to understand the role both the accuser and the accused may play throughout the case. However, the only time that an alleged victim’s actions really will have a major impact on Clearwater sentencing for federal sex crimes offenses is if they are seen as a minor themselves.

The Sentencing Guidelines Scale probably is not as impacted as the judge is emotionally for an alleged victim that has really suffered because of the crime. Normally alleged victims come in to speak to the judge or probation officer when the pre-sentence report is being prepared. The emotional aspect can impact the judge’s decision for a harsher sentence. Speak with a distinguished federal sex crimes attorney should you find yourself facing federal offenses.

Sentence Determination Guidelines

When determining Clearwater sentencing for federal sex crimes offenses consider the person’s role in the offense, whether it was a violent crime and if there was a weapon used.

Other considerations for sentence determination include whether a child or children under 11 involved and whether there were pornographic pictures. Ten or more pictures can increase the defendant’s sentence and less than ten can decrease someone’s sentence. The facts of the crime are particularly significant in determining what factors actually cause an increase or a decrease.

Understanding Internet Crimes

If someone intends to molest a child or have sex with a child, the legal sentencing would be the same under current Internet criminal law. In fact, intending to do it over the Internet is a far more common crime than actually doing it. Over the Internet, considerations for Clearwater sentencing for federal sex crimes offenses include whether someone had an intent to do it before they actually committed the crime. A number of alleged victims can be increased by just the conversation. There are undercover Law Enforcement Officers on the Internet acting as children or even a parent of a child who advertises his two children who are available to do things with.

What are Victim-Related Adjustments?

Another increase of Clearwater sentencing for federal offenses is in economic crimes which is based on multiple accusers. An economic crime is if the person has more than ten alleged victims, the individual’s sentence can increase based on current Guidelines.

Role of an Accuser’s Age and Condition

Normally in Federal Guidelines, the age of the person involved in the alleged crime can have an enormous effect on sex offenses. The age of older accusers may change the way Clearwater sentencing for federal sex crimes offenses is determined. There is a vulnerable accuser increase in sentencing under Federal Guidelines where age of the accuser is not relevant. If they have some type of mental retardation or other reason why they particularly vulnerable to the type of crime an increase can be considered for specific offense characteristics of accusers.

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