After suffering a dog bite, it can be hard for someone to know how serious the injury is until they seek medical treatment. Once the injured person has received medical care, it is vital to seek legal counsel. The attorney can get the background information of the dog owners as well as collect the person’s medical records and medical bills throughout the case.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a dog bite, contact an accomplished lawyer as soon as possible so you could get the compensation you need. The benefit of a Clearwater dog bite lawyer is significant towards your recovery.

Common Mistakes Regarding Dog Bite Claims

A common mistake in a dog bite case is when the injured person gives too much information about the accident to the owner of the dog and admit some type of fault in the process. Sometimes people also feel bad for the dog and think they are protecting the dog by not filing a claim. They can avoid these mistakes by hiring an attorney to complete a proper investigation and background check of the owner of the dog and the dog. The attorney can see whether the dog has had other attacks, which can help alleviate their guilt about the dog. It is the dog owner who has strict liability after the first dog bite.

Do Not Wait to Contact an Attorney

Sometimes people wait to call a lawyer because the owner of the dog will cover the medical bills or they make a conditional promise and do not want anything to happen to the dog. The problem is that if a person does not contact an attorney immediately, their options will be inhibited by whatever action the owner of the dog takes next. The dog owner can hire an attorney, hide evidence, and hurt a potential case. If a person does not have an attorney fighting for and protecting their rights, they are likely to fall behind on where they should be in a dog bite case.

Lawyer’s Role in Conducting an Investigation

An attorney usually hires an investigator to go the scene of the incident and take pictures, interview any witnesses, get information, and does a background check on the person who owns the dog. If a dog bites a person in Florida, it is a strict liability case. This means the individual only has to prove that the dog actually bit them. The owner is then strictly responsible for the damages from the injury. The benefit of a Clearwater dog bite lawyer is that the attorney would have experience in this kind of law and how to prove the case.

The lawyer’s role is to make sure the victim can receive the damages they need to recover.

Another benefit of a Clearwater dog bite lawyer is that they can assist the victim through their entire medical treatment process. The attorney can gather medical records, medical bills, and talk to the doctors about the impact of the injury. Attorneys streamline the process for their clients, and they can analyze all the records and bills when putting a lawsuit together. If you have been injured due to a dog bite, call a lawyer immediately.

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