If a person sustains Clearwater dog bite injuries as the result of a dog bite or attack, this satisfies the legal requirement to file a dog bite claim pursuing damages. That includes instances where a dog physically bites a person, scratches them, or chases them and causes them to sustain an injury as a result of running away. A person just needs to know the owner of the dog, for the dog to have caused the injury, and for the injury to have caused damage.

The more the severe the injury, the higher the potential compensation. If the person has to have surgery, to get plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery or stitches, that is, of course, going to be a more substantial damage amount than if they just had a scratch that will go away after a few days. If you have sustained injuries as the result of a dog bite, get in touch with a capable dog bite attorney who will fight for a positive outcome for you.

Examples of Dog Bite Injuries

There are people who have had parts of their face or arm bitten off, people with broken bones or bruises from falling down running away from a dog, and then people minor scratches. Experienced lawyers have usually handled minor injuries as well as major injuries that require plastic surgery. Some of the lasting effects can be scarring, pain in the scarred area, and infection. Some infections are lifelong, and a person has to take antibiotics forever. A person could have some physical injuries that require physical therapy or counseling.

There are precautions that a doctor may take to prevent wounds from causing greater damage depends on the injury. Some doctors put in stitches, others will apply antibiotic ointments, and other doctors will prescribe antibiotics just in case there could be an infection. There are many different infections or problems that dogs may carry, such as rabies. A person may also need a rabies vaccine if the doctor has some reason to believe that is necessary.

Recovering Damages

A person can recover the past and future medical bills if they have sustained Clearwater dog bite injuries. Additionally, a person can recover past and future lost wages, pain, and suffering, and loss of consortium, if it can be proven by witnesses and family members. Damages affect the compensation. The more damage a person has, the higher the compensation, so the more lost wages and the higher the medical bills, the more the compensation is. The worse the pain and suffering that a person has to go through because of the injury, the higher the compensation is.

Liability of the Victim

Because dog bites are strict liability, there is no comparative fault relating to dog bite cases in Clearwater. Even if a person is playing with the dog and has their hands on the dog’s face, if the dog bites, the owner is still strictly liable. Compensation is also not affected by whether the victim knew the dog or not. As long as they are not the owner and controller of the dog, it does not affect the claim if the person knows the dog.

Contacting a Lawyer

In order to avoid Clearwater dog bite injuries, it is recommended that people do not get too close to a dog’s face, including kissing the dog or touching its face, especially if the person does not know the dog. Unfortunately, in many of these dog bite cases, a person cannot foresee the attack coming, so even if they think they know the dog, sometimes the dog surprises them. The only real precaution a person can take is to avoid being close enough to a dog’s face where they would not be able to react in time to stop a dog bite.

Sometimes despite the precautions an individual takes, they might still get bitten by a dog. In the event that that happens, a local personal injury can work with you to build your case. If you have sustained injuries due to dog bites, speak with a qualified lawyer who can help you pursue damages, and hold the liable party accountable.

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