Many of the common injuries that can result from motorcycle accidents in Clearwater are orthopedic injuries like broken legs and broken knees. Also common are head traumas, road rash, lacerations and internal bleeding, and internal injuries. Because of the lack of protection that the motorcycles inherently have compared to cars, the injuries sustained by an individual involved in an accident on a motorcycle are normally more severe than those in an automobile, whether driving or being a passenger.

If you have suffered these injuries or others as a result of another’s negligence in a Clearwater accident, it is critical to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer in Clearwater can craft a claim to help obtain damages for any injuries that may have resulted from your motorcycle accident.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is an acute injury that affects the brain and the brain’s ability to send messages to the rest of the body.

Traumatic brain injuries are very common injuries in Clearwater motorcycle accidents. The impacts that occur on the head especially have a tendency to cause injuries to the brain and often at a higher rate than those of car accident victims.

Traumatic brain injuries by nature are significant, because it is an injury to the brain which controls everything from involuntary activities like breathing to the ability to think clearly and be able to make constant decisions.

Things to look for include memory loss, confusion, and extreme fatigue. Those are signs that there is something potentially wrong with the brain. Those require immediate medical attention. Bleeding or clear liquids coming out of the ears are also significant.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are common injuries in Clearwater motorcycle accidents because the legs that would be protected inside of a car are exposed on a motorcycle. The chances of metal breaking bone in a collision between a car and a motorcycle are far more prevalent.

In addition, there is also always a secondary impact on a motorcycle accident because of the car hitting the motorcycle and the motorcycle rider hitting the pavement, which can also break bones.

Broken bones are never good, but the seriousness of those injuries is significant because of crush injuries in which bones are broken beyond the ability of doctors to fix them. Therefore, injuries require a lot of prosthetics due to limb loss. Also, a lot of injuries are debilitating, meaning bones can only heal to a certain point and are no longer as useful as they were prior to the injury.

Other Common Injuries

Further injuries include, for example, something as simple as road rash, which can be very dangerous depending on how much of the body is affected. It is when the skin is burned off when people skid down the road.

In addition, there are a lot of internal injuries, which is when the organs strike the insides of the ribcage and are injured inside the body.

Long-Term Issues

Traumatic brain injuries have the most substantial long-term consequences. In addition to brain injuries, potential loss of limbs and broken or crushed bones make for debilitating injuries that do not allow people to function in the way they would normally function.

That can affect somebody’s ability to earn income in the long term.

Severity of the Trauma

Doctors take motorcycle accidents very seriously. They are considered trauma. Doctors are going to do more extensive testing for those injured in Clearwater motorcycle accidents, because some of the injuries may not be readily apparent, especially those involving internal bleeding and the brain.

Motorcycle accidents are critical. If there is a motorcycle accident, the person needs to contact emergency medical services regardless, because the person does not know the extent of the injuries sustained until a doctor has a chance to evaluate them. What may seem like nothing may very quickly turn into something life threatening.

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