Motorcycles are bound by the traffic laws in the state of Florida just like cars. It is important for people to follow the traffic laws for motorcyclists in Clearwater because these laws are in place to protect them and others. Individuals who drive motorcycles are more liable to injury as a motorcycle driver.

The person has to have a heightened sense of awareness so the person knows exactly what is going on around them. In instances where an individual is abiding by the traffic laws for motorcyclists in Clearwater, and still is injured, they should seek the counsel of a skilled personal injury lawyer who will fight for them.

Traffic Laws Specific to Motorcyclists in Clearwater

People should understand the concepts of a short, clear distance, especially with motorcycles. It is important for motorcyclists to be offensive drivers and to recognize when the vehicles around them may be too close to them. They should not allow vehicles to box them in, so they always have an escape route in a collision and a way they can get out of the way. They should recognize that they are a far more likely to be injured in a collision, so it is up to them to make sure that they are riding safely and aware of their surroundings.

Staying Updated on Traffic Laws

There is a potential update that supposed to take effect in June of 2017. If it is passed, it would be a law that will require helmet use in the state of Florida. It is not yet been passed. If someone wants to keep up with traffic laws for motorcyclists in Clearwater, they should attend defensive driving schools on a regular basis to know what is happening. They should also communicate with the manufacturer of their motorcycle to see if anything has occurred that may be necessary for them to know. They should be aware of news relating to motorcycles and motorcycle law, and how they are impacted in the state of Florida.

Laws Impact on a Case When the Driver is At Fault

Traffic laws in the state of Florida are designed to ensure the safety of those that operate motor vehicles in the state of Florida, including motorcycles. The laws  allow for compensation to those injured based on the negligence of others.

Technically, if the person is under the age of 18, the person is obligated to wear a helmet. Beyond that, there is no law in the state of Florida requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets. However, by not wearing a helmet, the rider may take a portion of the liability for the injuries suffered because of the failure of the rider of the motorcycle.

It affects people’s ability to make full claims of damages because they are contributory negligent. They are given a portion of fault. They contribute to the injuries that they may have sustained. A motorcycle rider’s failure to follow the laws contributes to their own negligence and they may be liable for a portion, if not all, of their own injuries.

Helmets and Helmet Laws

There is no law requiring a helmet in the state of Florida unless you are under the age of 18, those drivers are obligated to wear helmets. Mopeds or motorcycles are not classified any differently for helmet purposes because there is no law in Florida.

A helmet protects a full face. A full face is the best type of helmet to wear because it is DOT certified. It protects a rider from the impact of the head hitting the ground, and it absorbs the shock that could potentially result in brain injury. Full face helmets are also important because they protect the chin and face of the motorcycle rider. Those are the most likely injuries to be fatal. The ramifications of not wearing a helmet are traumatic and potential head trauma in the case of an accident.

Helmets increase survival rate in motorcycle accidents exponentially. Motorcycle accidents in a populated area are more often fatal than a motorcycle accident in a rural area, because there are significant numbers of collisions that occur in city driving. If a person hits one vehicle, there is another vehicle close by. The person does not have to face the impact of whatever hit the person,  but the person got to avoid the subsequent impacts of the cars that are around them.

How a Clearwater Lawyer Can Help

Despite the lack of specific traffic laws for motorcyclists in Clearwater, motorcyclists should still follow the rules in order to avoid incurring injuries. Motorcycle incidents can be fatal. If you have sustained injuries from a motorcycle incident, contact a lawyer who will work hard to defend you. A skilled personal injury lawyer will collect all of the pertinent evidence, including things like medical records and photographs, in order to build your case.

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