Clearwater traffic laws are the same with motor scooters. If a motor scooter is considered a motor vehicle pursuant to Florida statute, it is bound by the same standards as any other vehicle would be.

There may not be any distinction with Clearwater Vespa or motor scooter accidents and laws. There are some differences with electric motor scooters because they are technically not considered a motor vehicle for highway purposes and do not require a license. However, they are technically not classified as a judicial motor scooter, which is a vehicle that has a gasoline powered engine.

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Motor Scooters and Motorcycles

By definition, a motor scooter has a smaller engine displacement. It is less than 250 CCs. Some design aspects make a motor scooter distinct, but from a legal perspective, that does not affect somebody’s rights or obligations when they operate it on a public street or highway. Anything that is displaced of 50 CCs or less or two horse power or less, and goes less than 30 miles an hour is considered a low power cycle and cannot get on highways, so a motor scooter can get on highways in Florida.

Clearwater Vespa and Motor Scooter Laws vs. Motorcycle Laws

All laws apply to both motorcycles and motor scooters. All of Florida’s highway laws are applicable to motorcycles and motor scooters, presuming that the motor scooters meet the standard set forth of Florida statute as a motor vehicle. There are no laws that apply to motor scooters, but not motorcycles. Both are subject to the same laws.

Motor Scooters as More Dangerous

Motor scooters are potentially dangerous because they lack the safeguards found in a traditional motor vehicle. They are also a smaller displacement. Because they are small and light vehicles, they are more susceptible to greater damage. Therefore, their rider is susceptible to more injury.

There is not much of a difference between motorcycle injuries and motor scooter injuries. The only significant difference is motor scooters do not have the horse power that motorcycles do, so there are normally not as many high speed trauma events in motor scooter collisions. Collisions are a very similar set of injuries, but not necessarily injuries that involve the motor scooter.

Insurance Requirements for Motor Scooters

Florida does not have a specific standard for motor scooters outside of the strict, standard motorcycle laws for insurance purposes. Some motor scooters may not apply for insurance because they are not not considered a motor vehicle.

How a Lawyer Can Help in Clearwater

Lawyers that are experienced in the area of Clearwater Vespa or motor accidents and law. They understand not only the injuries, but the mechanisms of the injuries that a motor scooter operator may face. They also understand the long-term implications of those injuries, so they are more capable of better assessing and getting a quality determination of actual damages so that an injured party of a motor scooter accident may be able to be compensated properly.

A lawyer that is versed in these types of accidents is going to be better able to assess and present damages to try to get compensation for a person.

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