Running is a popular form of exercise/activity. Clearwater has a very active community because it is in Florida and is one of the beach cities in the world. It has a tremendous amount of runners and bicyclists. Due to the prevalence of running in Clearwater, pedestrian accidents involving runners in Clearwater are an infrequent yet serious occurrence. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident while running in Clearwater, consult a determined pedestrian accident attorney that can help you file a personal injury case.

Areas Zoned for Pedestrians

Florida is very specific in its private roads regarding where pedestrians are supposed to be crossing. Also, Florida is a jurisdiction that gives pedestrians the right of way.

Pinellas trail is designed specifically for bicyclists and runners. It runs the entirety of Pinellas County from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Spring.

It was designed with pedestrians in mind, so people can run without the fear of pedestrian accidents involving runners in Clearwater. It also has a lot of pedestrian-friendly roadways around the beaches, parks, and recreation areas in Pinellas County.

Lights and Crosswalks on Clearwater Running Trails

The running trails in Clearwater have crosswalks and traffic lights to alert pedestrians as to where to cross. The Pinellas trail has crosswalks with lights so pedestrians could access the city park and have crosswalks and light. The beaches are banned for motor use so people cannot drive a car on a beach. The pedestrian path designated there is off of the main roadway.

Driving Behaviors That Put Runners At Risk

People sometimes do not pay attention to where they are going. That is one of the issues when one lives in a place where there are a lot of tourists. Sometimes people are lost and trying to find something, so their attention is distracted from what is immediately going on around them and they are more fixated on where they are going or where they are trying to go. That is a big concern for pedestrian traffic in Clearwater.

Running Behaviors That Can Put Runners At Risk

Runners have to recognize that cars are not always looking for them. Behaviors that put runners at risk include failing to stop a crosswalk, crossing roads in a place not designated to cross, and crossing against the light, meaning a person crosses when the opposing traffic has the right of way. These types of behaviors are significant risks for pedestrians.

Actions People Should Take Following a Pedestrian Accident

If someone has been injured in one of the pedestrian accidents involving runners in Clearwater, they should contact the emergency medical services immediately. Sometimes the injuries that are sustained in a pedestrian accident versus a vehicle are not readily apparent.

Also, sometimes when a person’s adrenaline kicks in, they do not realize they are hurt as bad as they are, especially if they have broken a major bone. For example, the femur, which is a bone that is at a bumper or grill level with the car, could potentially bleed out and a person could die without the appropriate medical attention. Their next step should be to contact a qualified pedestrian accident attorney that can help them pursue damages for their injuries and medical bills.

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