Many people live and work in buildings that are at risk of collapsing, and in most cases, they are unaware of the danger. The majority of these buildings are old, as new building codes require most structures to be inspected for safety and soundness on a regular basis.

There is some draw to living in an older building, whether it is cheaper or because it has a quaint, nostalgic, or historical appeal. Either way, it is important to understand the risks and the potential dangers of a building collapse and consult with a premises liability lawyer in Clearwater if your building has collapsed.

Impact of Building Collapse

When buildings, or parts of buildings, collapse, the results are devastating. Ceilings and floors are typically the first things to cave in, which can be disastrous to those standing on or underneath the collapsing structure. In addition to the actual floor or ceiling materials falling onto people below, heavy objects can go with the floor as well, including desks, bookcases, and the like. Clearly, these pose a significant danger to anyone in the building.

Many of the problems associated with older buildings stem from the fact that they are supported by wooden beams and planks, which can deteriorate over time. Water, termites, and general aging are all sources of danger for older buildings. It is important to make sure that the building in which you live or work is safe and has been inspected recently.

Factory Explosions

As a worker in a factory, being injured in an explosion is generally not on your to-do list. Unfortunately, while rare, factory and plant explosions do occur and can be incredibly dangerous. The list of possible injuries from such an explosion is extensive, and each of them can land you in a very difficult situation.

One of the main injuries associated with any explosion is burning. Burns can range in severity from light to critical. On the more dangerous end of the spectrum, a burn can land you in a burn trauma center and may even lead to death.

In addition to burns, blunt force trauma and broken bones are often associated with explosions. When something explodes in a factory, there is generally some sort of machinery, whether heavy or otherwise, that can be shifted or thrown onto people in the immediate vicinity. This can lead to anything from a concussion to a fracture or even a crushing injury.

While the dangers associated with an explosion dissipate as you get farther away from the accident site, anyone in the area is at risk. In addition, the types of injury can change based on the type of factory or plant, becoming more or less severe.

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