Commercial property is defined as a property that is zoned for business use and not as a house or residence. Commercial property liability is responsibility on the part of the property, either the owner or operator, in the course and scope of inviting people to do business with them. In a Clearwater commercial property-liability case, the property owner or the property lessor could be at fault depending on the element that caused the injury.

There are very specific statutes in Florida and also under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the federal statutes that require premises to be built, maintained and managed in certain ways. Many times, an injury occurs simply because there is a defect in the construction or the maintenance that is not readily apparent, and a person never wants to lose the opportunity to do that discovery and investigate those potentials.

If you have been injured on public property, it may be critical to speak with a Clearwater commercial property liability lawyer about your case. An experienced premises liability attorney can help you seek damages should you ever get injured

Understanding a Case with Multiple Defendants

A person and their Clearwater commercial property liability lawyer may have to seek damages from multiple parties by piecing together the total liability in a particular case. An individual could be asserting a claim against a property owner, a property manager, a property lessor, a property maintenance person or company, a property manager, and those types of individuals.

If someone does not understand how to identify who the liable parties are based on a contract, they may end up filing claims against the wrong parties which risks the likelihood of their recovery. If the right defendant is not found, the injured person very well may risk their ability to recover for his or her damages and that person may also be liable for filing a wrongful claim if that person wanted to file a claim against a wrong party.

Legal Requirements of a Safe Place

A property owner has an obligation for what is referred to as an object of reasonableness. The property has to be maintained in a reasonably safe manner, and that reasonableness changes depending on the type of property and the use that it is undergoing.

Impact of Big Corporations as Defendants

Having a big corporation as a defendant in a commercial property case changes the way the case is litigated. Large corporations normally have a lot of lawyers and insurance people that have subrogation coordinators. It is their job is to limit the exposure of their clients to the detriment of the person that was injured. For this reason, it is important for injured people to reach out to a Clearwater commercial property liability lawyer before heading to trial.

Appealing the Result of a Property Liability Case

The statute of limitations is controlled under Florida law, and that statute of limitations is four years from the date that the injury occurred. There is always the possibility to file an appellate process if a person, in fact, goes to court and lose a case at the trial level. An individual has 30 days from the date that a verdict is rendered to file a notice of appeal with a Clearwater commercial property liability lawyer.

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