Construction is an ongoing process. New buildings and roads need to be built, and existing buildings and roads need to be repaired constantly. That is why construction can happen almost anywhere. Where construction goes, however, danger follows. Construction areas can be very dangerous sites, as heavy machinery, uneven earth, and incomplete buildings all pose dangers.

If you have been injured on, around, or near a construction site, contact the Clearwater premises liability lawyers of Tragos, Sartes & Tragos, P.L.L.C. by calling 727-441-9030.

Minimizing Harm

Construction companies and workers take many steps to minimize the chances of injuries that can occur. All people on a construction site, for example, are required to wear hard hats. Also, only workers can step onto construction sites, which are usually blocked off or marked so that non-workers cannot and do not attempt to get into the sites.

Despite the many steps taken, however, injuries still do occur to both workers and non-workers. Metal beams may fall on a person’s head as they are standing or passing by. In such a case, even a hard hat may not help. In less serious examples, people may trip on items lying around or may fall into a dug hole. Or, machinery may malfunction; for example, a crane may come loose and fall, along with the individual controlling it.

Injuries and even deaths do not occur in negligible amounts on, around, and near construction sites, and when do they occur they are usually serious.

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