Countless numbers of people drink from public fountains on a daily basis. Especially in the warmer summer months, these public drinking fountains can be a source of refreshment and free hydration for many, but, unfortunately, they can sometimes be contaminated.

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How Contamination Occurs

There are a variety of ways that drinking fountains can be contaminated and unsafe. The most common way is for the water itself to be tainted by bacteria, dirt, or other materials in the ground. Many public fountains draw their water from a source deep within the ground to avoid freezing during the winter. This opens them up to the possibility of drawing contaminated water, though, as bacteria and other particles can make their way down into the soil and the water source.

Especially if the fountain is near a stockyard, horse arena, or other area of animal concentration, the risk of contaminating the water with animal excrement is not to be underestimated. Anything that goes into the soil could potentially end up in the water supply for a public fountain.

Spread of Contamination

Additionally, the spout or fountain itself can be contaminated. This can happen as a result of direct contact with a sick person’s mouth, hands, or other bodily interactions. It is important for contagious people not to put others at risk by making contact with drinking fountains.

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