Strangely enough, elevators tend to be some of the most awkward environments you can be in on a day-to-day basis. They’re tight spaces with an odd set of etiquette rules, and it can be uncomfortable to be in them for even a couple of minutes. Now imagine being stuck in one for a few hours: in a five foot-by-six foot little box, needing to use the bathroom, surrounded by several sweaty strangers. The maintenance company has to bring in an expert to get you out, which adds another hour or more onto your ordeal.

To many people, this may seem to be an inconvenience. But to some people, this could result in terrible psychological trauma. To some people, like those suffering from claustrophobia or other specific medical conditions, the experience of being trapped in a motionless elevator can be severely psychologically scarring. If this has happened to you, consult with a Clearwater elevator accident lawyer to discuss filing an injury claim. An experienced Clearwater premises liability lawyer can help compile the evidence necessary to file your claim and ensure that you put forth the strongest claim possible.

Tips to Avoid Accidents

Following these tips can help you to avoid the likelihood of being trapped in an elevator:

  • When entering the elevator, press the button once, and then stand to the side, holding a handrail if available.
  • Limit the amount of movement you engage in while riding the elevator, to reduce the chance of causing the elevator to become stuck in the shaft.
  • Avoid unnecessary pressing of the buttons.
  • If the elevator does become stuck, try to remain as calm as you can. Press the assistance button and clearly identify the situation.

The operator of the elevator has an obligation to keep the machine in safe running order. If you are injured as a result of having been trapped in an elevator, you may be within your rights to seek compensation from the operator of the elevator, or even the manufacturer of the elevator.

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