These days, a lot of Americans enjoy hitting the gym, working out, and getting into shape. Being healthy makes you feel great, and it affects every other aspect of your life. But something all gym-goers need to be aware of is the inherent danger that goes along with belt-driven treadmills and machines attached to heavy weights. If you’re going to visit the gym, you need to exercise good safety instincts, and you also need to know the gym’s legal obligations toward you. Furthermore, if you suffer an injury while at the gym, consult with a Clearwater premises liability lawyer to ensure that your


You can’t get in better shape when you’re injured, so it’s of paramount importance that you keep your mind on safety when you’re in the gym. Here are a few tips to help you get yourself in shape, not get yourself in traction:

  • First and foremost, don’t push yourself too hard. While challenging yourself in the gym is the key to improvement, don’t bite off more than you can chew. That’s a sure way to hurt yourself.
  • Follow all the instructions on every machine. If you’re not careful, you can slip off a treadmill or throw out your arm on a weight machine.
  • If you’re using free weights, have someone act as your spotter. He’ll help motivate you and make sure you don’t drop a barbell on your trachea.
  • Stack all weights back up after you use them. Leaving them lying around can make them tripping hazards.

Gym Waivers

While many gyms make you sign waivers before you can use their equipment, they still need to make sure that the equipment they have is in safe working order. If you’ve followed all the safety instructions given by the gym and the machine manufacturer and are still injured, you may have a case against the gym’s management or even the company that produced the machine.

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