Garage doors can be extremely beneficial. They can protect our cars, other belongings, and make sure that we don’t have to deal with the weather elements when coming home during a storm. Having a good garage door can even add value to a house.

As helpful as they can be, garage doors can also pose a significant danger to people coming in and out of the garage. These huge doors can weigh up to several hundred pounds and any problem can lead to a significant injury thereby warranting contact with a Clearwater product liability attorney.

How Injuries Occur

There are also a significant number of working parts that have to function together for the door to be raised and lowered properly. The door itself must not be bent or damaged, the metal rails that the door follows must be sturdy and in working condition, and the motor must be functional and respond to the remote control.

The various moving parts must all work in unison to raise the hundreds of pounds of metal. If everything does not work properly, the door either stops being functional or, worse, it can injure a person standing under it. The hundreds of pounds of metal that can serve as protection for the belongings in the garage can also become a very dangerous falling object if the door does not work properly.

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