Semi trucks and 18-wheelers can cause large amounts of destruction when involved in auto accidents. Thus, the federal government attempts to reduce truck accidents by regulating the amount of time that truck drivers can spend behind the wheel. These regulations are called the hours of service. Unfortunately, trucking companies sometimes fail to monitor their drivers’ hours or even force drivers to violate the hours of service, putting others on the road at risk of devastating truck accidents.

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Understanding the Hours of Service

In order to prevent fatigued driving accidents, the federal government has put restrictions on when a driver can operate his or her vehicle. According to these hours of service regulations, commercial truck drivers are not allowed to do the following:

  • Work more than 60 hours in a week
  • Work over 70 hours in eight days
  • Start a new shift without the required 10-hour break
  • Drive over 11 hours in the day
  • Work more than 14 hours in the day

If a negligent trucking company pushes its drivers to violate these restrictions or simply fails to monitor its drivers’ time, it can be held accountable for accidents that occur due to drowsy truck drivers.

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