Wrongful death actions have a lot of legal requirements and as such a legal team can injure or diminish the value of the case, simply because they are not skilled in this particular area of law or do not know how to set up the case appropriately in order to maximize the potential settlement for the family and loved ones of the deceased. If circumstances have made it so that you and you family have found yourself involved in a wrongful death case, you can entrust our Clearwater wrongful death lawyers with handling the case properly and with compassion.

Value of Compassion in Wrongful Death Cases

Compassion is truly important in any case. In a wrongful death action specifically it is important because the family members are not only going through the shock of losing their loved one, but they also have to go through an entire legal process. They are having to think about how to pay for funeral expenses. They have to think about what happened in the accident because they do not know all the facts, they do not have the police reports, and they cannot discuss it with their family member. They are worried about how they are going to put food on the table, how they are going to pay for college for their kids, how they have lost their life-long companion, and how they have lost their father or mother.

A compassionate wrongful death attorney, therefore, will try to shield the victim’s family as much as possible. The lawyer can deal with the insurance company, they can deal with the experts, and they can deal with law enforcement, so that the family can be involved as little as possible, in order to properly prosecute a wrongful death case. Wrongful death lawyers do not want to have the family looking at pictures and police reports every day, or having to go through the facts exhaustively. A good lawyer wants to go through the motions once with them family and then wants to try to work with their investigators and experts so that the family does not rehash what happened to their loved one. Compassionate lawyers listen to the family, making sure that their needs are taken care of and that the attorney is available to consult on a regular basis.

It is really a life-altering event, in more ways than a car accident is where a person is injured but still able to hang out and enjoy their family members and friends. In wrongful death cases families are no longer able to that. The mourning period can be a very delicate time for lawyers to get involved, because they want to shield the family from as much of the insurance and financial side of it as possible.


Coping With Obstacles

Family members are dealing with a lot of issues. Not just how much they are going to miss their husband or their wife, their father, their mother, or their child, but also with financial ramifications in a wrongful death case. They have to pay for the funeral. They have to pick up where their partner left off because their partner was the breadwinner of the family. Or maybe the partner was the at-home parent who brought up their kids and took them to school every day. And now they have to figure out how their kids are going to get to school every day. They are dealing with a lot of financial burden because now they have bills to pay and may be one of the breadwinners of the family is no longer able to work. They may also be trying to deal with how they are going to put their kids through college. It is the financial burden as well as the emotional burden of losing someone you love, someone you saw every day, someone you spoke to everyday, and made decisions with on a day-to-day basis that makes wrongful death so hard to confront.

Compensation and Attorney Fees

You do not have to pay your attorneys for any consultation or any phone calls you make to them in a wrongful death case. The lawyer works for you; they are there as a resource for your family, and to shield you from as much of the process as they can. An attorney is retained to protect your rights and make sure nobody takes advantage of you and your family. To help the entire process, you do not pay us anything until the end of the case if we are able to get a settlement. We have gone through entire cases with families and they do not even know how much it cost to prosecute the case, because we do not talk about money with them until the case is in a negotiation period, which is when they have to make a decision whether they want to take a settlement or take the case to trial.

You do not pay us anything until we are able to get you a settlement or a jury verdict. Once you get monetary compensation, that is when you end up paying us our percentage of the fee for the wrongful death case.

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