A catastrophic injury is normally defined as an injury that results in long-term or permanent incapacitation, and/or death. Catastrophic injuries require extra attention because of the extent of the injuries that people suffer, and the financial consequences that often result.

An individual that has been involved in a catastrophic injury usually cannot work. The long-term damages, which can be sought for recovery by a Dunedin catastrophic injury lawyer, include lost wages or lost ability to earn. These are normally much greater than what one finds in typical injury cases.

If an individual is involved in a catastrophic injury and they are disabled or incapacitated to the point where they cannot communicate with counsel, their spouse, a parent, or a child, they should communicate with a Dunedin personal injury attorney as soon as possible in order to protect the well-being of the injured person and their loved ones.

Severity of the Case

Catastrophic injury cases normally involve extensive damages that affect not only the person that is injured, but also but their loved ones. Children and spouses can be affected by that person’s inability to provide for them well into the future, and it is important that the case reflects that loss of income over time.

In addition, these cases need to account for the long-term medical care and the pain and suffering experienced by the injured person. The severity of such a case cements the necessity of a Dunedin catastrophic injury attorney to represent the injured individual.

Importance of Legal Representation

People who are caring for a loved one that has been severely injured or incapacitated should look for a Dunedin catastrophic injury lawyer with experience handling claims involving such injury. These cases can have very serious ramifications, not only for the lives of the people that are injured but also their family members, children, parents, siblings, et cetera.

These types of cases do not move quickly because they often involve large claims that develop throughout the treatment process.

Inability to Consult an Attorney

If an individual is involved in an event that causes them to be incapable of communicating, they may need to communicate through a power of attorney or a loved one who has the authority to speak on their behalf. Incapacitation occurs when an individual is incapable of performing route activities of daily life.

This may involve having someone appointed by the court. In other circumstances, if an individual is capable of communicating but simply cannot through traditional means, the courts may help that person to find a notary or someone authorized by the state to confirm that person’s statements.

Statute of Limitations

It is important to note that there is a statute of limitations on a person’s ability make a claim, and it can vary depending on the circumstances. The insurance carriers of defendants are experts in mitigating their ability to have to pay. Therefore, a person has to be sure that they do not execute any documents that may be limiting their rights to compensation.

Complex Nature of the Claim

Catastrophic injury cases are complicated and do not get resolved quickly. It is easy to get overwhelmed, but a Dunedin catastrophic injury attorney who is skilled in handling these types of cases can guide injured individuals and their families through the process, and ease the burden of managing everything on their own.

The emotional turmoil associated with these types of cases is often severe, so it can be very helpful for an accident victim to have an experienced Dunedin catastrophic injury lawyer to help them make informed decisions throughout the process. Having a trustworthy Dunedin catastrophic injury attorney who is confident and capable of handling a complicated case with extensive medical treatments, long-term care, and loss of consortium is very important.

Role of an Attorney

The catastrophic injury lawyer in Dunedin should be able to manage the constant flow of medical bills that are going to be generated by the injury. They should also be able to use their resources to hold off creditors until a settlement or some financial computation can be awarded to the injured person.

In addition, a competent Dunedin catastrophic injury attorney should foresee the long-term care requirements and the long-term costs of care, and ensure they are factored into a settlement for the individual and their loved ones.

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