Bicycle accidents can be very traumatic and stressful. Not only does the injured party have to deal with insurance companies, they may have to take off time from work because of the injuries sustained or to visit doctors.  Having an experienced New Port Richey bicycle accident attorney can help tremendously.

Accident Prevention

Failure to pay attention to something as little as a bump in the road or someone preparing to exit a vehicle can result in serious injury. A bicyclist is required to adhere to the laws of the road just as any other motorist, except that a bicyclist has additional requirements. For instance, a bicyclist must make use of a bike lane when available. A bicyclist must also always use the proper signals when turning at an intersection. A bicyclist who chooses to bike at night should have the proper reflectors and lights installed on their bike.

Bicyclists must look out for both pedestrians and motor vehicles.  Pedestrians these days can be especially troublesome, because the majority of them are glued to their smartphones and tablets as they navigate the streets, only looking up every five seconds. Bicyclists should announce themselves whenever possible to avoid a collision.

Common Damages in a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle injuries can vary tremendously. It is important that bicyclists always wear a helmet as well as additional protective gear such as knee or elbow pads. Some examples of the most common injuries stemming from bicycle-related accidents are:

  • Skin Burns
  • Head Trauma
  • Nerve Damage
  • Broken Bones
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Death
  • Back or Neck injury
  • Teeth or Mouth injury

Potential Damages

The previous list identifies many of the physical injuries that can be caused by a bicycle accident and therefore compensable. However, a bicyclist may also suffer damages to the bicycle itself and may be eligible for compensation for that damage.

In instances where the bike cannot be fixed, it may be proper to be reimbursed for the entire price of the bike. In addition, injured bicyclists should be compensated for any medical bills or other expenses they have taken on as a result of the injuries sustained from the accident.

Liability and Negligence

The legal standard used to determine whether a party is at fault for a bicycle injury is that of negligence. A party is said to have acted negligently if they fail to exercise a reasonable standard of care under the circumstances. If the party’s actions were indeed negligent and caused injury to the bicyclist, then that party will be responsible for the injuries sustained by the bicyclist.

An experienced New Port Richey accident lawyer will be able to gauge whether a party was negligent and if so, the extent to which that negligence contributed to any injuries suffered.

Contacting a New Port Richey Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle-related accident, contact an experienced New Port Richey bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible. Obtaining the counsel of a seasoned personal injury attorney will help relieve stresses associated with settling insurance claims and filing lawsuits.

An experienced attorney will be able to guide the victim through the claims process and negotiate on behalf of their client with insurance companies. Contact today for a free case evaluation.

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