If you were recently injured in a bicycle accident and want more information about potential financial compensation, contact a Pasco County bicycle accident lawyer today. If someone else was at fault for your accident, they may owe you money for your damages, including medical bills and damage to your bike.

State law limits how long an injured victim has to file a lawsuit for the accident. It is important to first seek medical attention for your injuries. Then, you should contact an experienced injury attorney in Pasco County who can fight for the compensation you deserve. Consult with a Pasco County bicycle accident lawyer immediately to find out whether someone could owe you money for your accident.

Common Causes

Most bicycle accidents involve motor vehicles, with the car striking the cyclist. Some common causes of bicycle accidents in and around Pasco County include:

  • Motor vehicle driver’s failure to notice cyclist
  • Driver’s failure to observe road rules and regulations
  • Distracted driving, including texting while driving
  • Alcohol- or drug-impaired driving
  • Drivers making unsafe left turns
  • Drivers failing to yield properly to cyclists

Given the size and speed advantages cars have over bicycles, cyclists can be seriously injured in vehicle-on-bike crashes. Often, injured cyclists need extensive medical care, which can lead to high bills. Even with insurance, an injured victim may pay thousands out of pocket to cover their care.

Moreover, bicycles are commonly damaged in car accidents, meaning the cyclist could lose their main mode of transportation – another serious financial setback.

When a driver’s negligent, reckless, or aggressive actions cause a bicycle accident, the injured victim can sue the driver for compensation. Often, victims sue for compensation related to their medical bills, property damage, and lost wages resulting from the accident.

Bike Accidents in Pasco County

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, police reported 131 bicycle crashes in Pasco County in 2016 alone. Tragically, those accidents included nine fatalities.

Bike accidents can cause serious injury to the cyclist. Anyone hurt in a bicycle accident should contact a Pasco County bicycle accident lawyer right away.

Bicycle accident attorneys are trained to assess cases and determine a victim’s damages. After this assessment, bicycle accident attorneys in Pasco County can use the information to seek the appropriate amount of financial compensation for their client’s injuries.

Potential Compensation

After a bicycle accident, the injured victim should first seek medical attention. If possible, victims should document the scene of the accident, and obtain a police accident report. They should also be sure to keep all documentation of their medical treatment.

Using all of this information, a Pasco County bicycle accident lawyer can determine who was responsible for the accident and who should pay for the victim’s injuries. If someone other than the cyclist is to blame for a bicycle accident, they may owe the injured victims money for their injuries and property damage.

Victims who try to settle their case alone may get less compensation than they are legally entitled to. Instead, injured cyclists should call a lawyer and explore their legal options.

Contact an Attorney

If you recently suffered an injury in a bike accident, contact a local accident attorney today. Your Pasco County bicycle accident lawyer can advocate for you in and out of court, fighting for the financial compensation the at-fault driver could owe you.

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