Pasco County wage and hour lawyers can help employees who want to be sure their hard work is not being taken advantage of by greedy employers who only care about their bottom line.

Employers are required by both state and federal law to meet certain minimum standards, and if you believe you are not being paid fairly by your employer, you will need to consult with an experienced wage and hour attorney as soon as possible so that they can advocate for your rights as a worker. En Español.

Common Pasco County Wage and Hour Legal Matters

Wage and hour lawyers in Pasco County deal with several different kinds of labor disputes. Some of the most frequent matters employees have concerns about are whether minimum wage and overtime requirements are being met at both the state and federal level.

Other typical wage and hour disagreements stem from:

  • Meals and breaks
  • Vacation time and holiday leave
  • Sick leave
  • Voting and jury duty leave
  • Number of hours worked and compensable time
  • Severance pay and packages
  • Tips and tip pooling

Minimum Wage Requirements

Unlike overtime guidelines, Florida has set its minimum wage requirements above the federal standard, which is $7.25 per hour, while Florida’s standard is $8.10 per hour worked. Federal law requires that the law that offers workers the higher pay rate should control.

The state law also requires that Florida reevaluate its minimum wage requirements each year, to make sure that it is in accordance with the federal price index for the area.

In addition, Florida law requires that employers post minimum wage notices throughout their work sites, in a conspicuous and accessible place, so that workers are aware of what the law states.

Tipped Employees

The federal law sometimes exempts tipped employees from the minimum wage standard, but the Florida state law does not. Instead, Florida law requires that employers must pay a direct wage of at least $5.08, even when the employee also receives tips.

Overtime in Florida

By not enacting any of their own Florida-specific overtime guidelines, Florida lawmakers allow the federal overtime laws to govern whether and when employers in the state are required to pay their employees premium pay for working extra hours. The rule remains that employers must pay nonexempt workers at least time and a half when working more than 40 hours in a week.

Certain types of workers are exempt from overtime requirements in Florida. Executives, administrative workers, professional employees, police and firefighters, outdoor salespersons, and computer and IT workers are all considered exempt employees who do not have to be paid overtime.

However, by the very nature of these jobs, these workers are typically paid salary rather than hourly wages. A skilled wage and hour attorney in Florida can evaluate whether an overtime exemption applies to a specific position, or not.

Consult an Experienced Pasco County Wage and Hour Lawyer

Employers typically have an obligation to pay their workers fairly and to compensate them adequately for all of their hours worked.

If you feel that your employer has not lived up to this obligation, an experienced wage and hour attorney can look into your case and determine whether you may have a valid claim against your employer.

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