After a loved one is killed due to someone else’s negligence, a person can be overwhelmed by grief and anger but it is important to remember that there is a way to hold the negligent person or corporation accountable.

By winning a wrongful death claim, you can get the compensation you and your family deserve, and send a message that negligence will be punished. However, you need experienced and aggressive attorneys on your side who know how to win such cases. A Pinellas County wrongful death lawyer can help you to get the compensation you deserve for the unnecessary loss of your loved one.

Types of Damages

There are many types of damages a person can be entitled to receive in a wrongful death suit. If the deceased was the breadwinner for a family, then the entire family could face a loss of income and a reduced quality of life. Even if the deceased had insurance, very often that money is not enough to keep the family at the level it was at before the tragedy.

There is also the loss of consortium—the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship. Family members experience emotional pain and suffering when they lose a loved one. If they witnessed the event that led to the death, the suffering can be even greater.

Additionally, a family may have incurred medical expenses as part of the effort to save the person’s life, for which they are also entitled to be compensated.


Negligence is the failure to exercise the degree of care that a reasonable person would have shown under the circumstances. A wrongful death lawyer in Pinellas County can point out the specific points of negligence in your case.Here are some specific examples:

Here are some specific examples:

Car accidents – Every year more than 30,000 Americans die in automobile crashes. In many cases, these fatalities are the fault of another driver, who was driving while intoxicated or simply not being as careful as he should have been. Sometimes, a defect in the car itself – ineffective brakes, airbags that fail to function properly – is at fault.

Medical malpractice – Medical errors are also among the leading causes of death in the United States. Loss of oxygen to the brain is a common surgical error that can cut short a patient’s life. Giving a patient the wrong dosage of medication, due to a careless reading of the label, is another common mistake.

Premises liability – If you live in a multi-unit dwelling, you have the right to a physical environment that is maintained for your safety, such as walkways and stairwells that are even and well-lit to minimize the risk of slipping and falling, and quality wiring to minimize the risk of fires.

Unsafe products – Commercially available products are held to a “strict liability” standard, so such claims may be easier to win than other types of cases. If an individual was using the product the way it was supposed to be used and following all warning labels but still suffered a fatal injury, the seller of the product is liable.

Have an Attorney Assist You

While it may be painful to go over the facts that led to a loved one’s death, compiling evidence about the event is critical, such as medical reports, photographs of the accident scene, eyewitness testimony.

A Pinellas County wrongful death attorney has handled many such cases. They will listen to your story with sympathy and respect, and then go to work building the strongest possible case, so that you and your family can get justice.

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