An individual who is bringing a personal injury claim needs to find a lawyer that they trust and are comfortable with taking their case. It is very difficult for someone to go up against an insurance company when they are not trained under the law and do not have specific experience handling these types of cases. Insurance companies have almost endless resources and fleets of lawyers that are looking out for the benefit of the insurance company rather than the well-being of the injured person.

If you have been injured in Clearwater and are not sure of what to do next, an experienced Clearwater personal injury lawyer can help you decide whether or not to go to trial, and how to proceed with your case in order to seek your best outcome.

Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Trial

Prior to trial, a Clearwater personal injury lawyer gathers records of all of the medical damages and the documentations that substantiate their client’s injury claim. An experienced lawyer will have a good network of professionals who are experts in a variety of fields and are able to testify and provide evidence to a jury to be able to determine the actual value of the client’s case. Lawyers prepare their cases as if each one is going to trial from day one, so they are always prepared when the time comes for a case to actually head to trial.

Role of the Claimant Before Trial

An individual should absolutely not take it upon themselves to make any decisions or change any of their regular life habits before trial. The most stressful part of a personal injury lawyer’s role is ensuring that their client does not do anything that somehow inadvertently diminishes the value of their claim and case.

Evidence Collected in the Pre-Trial Period

During the pre-trial period, all information that can be used as supportive evidence in a personal injury case needs to be collected. This includes evidence related to an accident scene, vehicle damage, injuries sustained by the individual parties, medical bills, medical records, and repair estimates for any vehicles that may have been involved. In some cases, a personal injury lawyer will have to gather the statistics from a particular intersection or a particular roadway where an injury occurred to prove that the location fosters potential for dangerous situations. It is also possible that experts will be consulted to determine whether or not an individual’s injuries are permanent and long lasting in nature.

Benefits and Issues that Arise from the Length of a Pre-Trial Period

Normally, a shorter pre-trial period is beneficial if an individual’s personal injury lawyer is equipped with a staff and is able to gather all necessary records quickly. Sometimes, being able to move more rapidly preserves the evidence and presents a case that is still fresh. Unfortunately, many things can lag and a loss of time also equates to a loss of evidence.

In some cases, it is necessary to slow the process down because the injuries sustained and the damages incurred are not as simple to calculate. A quick settlement or speedy pre-trial period can unintentionally be the reason behind a missed value or consideration that would have been easily identifiable in the long run. The key is for the lawyer and their client to pace themselves; they cannot drag their feet, but at the same time, have to not be in a hurry to avoid the risk of making any mistakes or missing any information.

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