Whether a bus is used to reach places of employment or to access the many world famous tourist attractions that dot the state’s landscape, transportation by bus is a component of daily life for thousands upon thousands of Floridians, vacationers, and other visitors each and every day.

Sadly, each year an unacceptable number of incidents occur in which negligence causes bus occupants and others to sustain serious personal injuries and sometimes worse.

When this happens, a St. Petersburg bus accident lawyer is ready to offer the support, guidance, and insight necessary for those individuals to obtain much needed financial compensation.

Key Bus Travel Facts

It is important to note that travel by bus is an activity that has long been perceived as extraordinarily safe, especially when compared to conventional passenger vehicle transport.

Those who drive motorcoaches and other categories of buses within Florida are required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Rules, as well as Department of Transportation regulations, to meet stringent requirements concerning their skills, training, equipment upkeep, and physical health.

Unfortunately, even with such tight control and oversight, there are still bus travel incidents each year that produce debilitating consequences for those involved thereby warranting contact with a bus accident attorney in St. Petersburg.

Important Accident Statistics

Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Adminstration suggest that longer distance transport buses accounted for approximately 14 percent of fatal events linked to this mode of travel. Transit buses of various descriptions were involved in 34 percent of such incidents, and school buses were implicated in 41 percent of such events.

The hazards posed by bus travel are undeniable, and when negligence is to blame, victims and their families owe it to themselves to seek accountability as well as monetary compensation.

Underlying Causes

The types of events that can precipitate a serious bus accident are virtually innumerable, though there are certain kinds of negligence which present themselves with dangerous frequency. These acts which a St. Petersburg bus accident attorney can use to argue for a more favorable claim include:

  • Driver’s failure to signal before changing lanes
  • Distracted driving, such as texting, conversing, or talking on the phone
  • Improper maintenance of bus equipment
  • Defectively designed or manufactured bus or bus parts
  • Impairment due to alcohol or drug use
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians or other drivers
  • Excessive speed


Bus accidents that result in catastrophic injury or death may sometimes be attributable to more than one party, and it is possible to pursue compensation from all who played a role in the eventual outcome. Bus drivers found to have been negligently operating their vehicle, whether due to illegal impairment or lapses in judgment can be held accountable.

The manufacturers of buses or bus components determined to be defective in design or production may also share the burden of compensating victims. Other motorists whose negligent acts caused a bus to become entangled in a collision may also be appropriate targets of a lawsuit.

Filing a Claim

There can be no doubt that the ramifications of a bus accident can be profound and may often last a lifetime. Traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and internal injuries can result in massive, ongoing medical expenses and loss of earning potential.

For these and other reasons, victims of negligence related to bus travel need a zealous legal advocate who will help them secure every possible dollar of compensation. To learn how a St. Petersburg bus accident lawyer can aid in your quest for justice, contact us today.

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