As defined by St. Petersburg law, failure to yield is when somebody else has the right of way and someone either breaches that right of way or fails to notice and ends up taking over the lane that they were already occupying. Right of way is defined as the person who has the right to the lane or who was first in place in a lane and, therefore, they continue to have the right of way until another car in front of them has the right of way into the lane.

If you have been injured in a right of way collision, contact a St. Petersburg failure to yield accident lawyer about filing a claim for damages. A distinguished car accident lawyer can review the facts of your case and discuss your options with you.

Identifying Failure to Yield Cases

Identifying failure to yield cases can be complicated to discover who fails to yield as cars have a different testimony about when they were in the lane and where the other car was coming from. St. Petersburg failure to yield accident lawyers have seen when there are no other eyewitnesses and no video surveillance it can be difficult to prove a failure to yield. The case then becomes a debate about whose story is more legitimate. Many times the law enforcement officers will determine who they believe and make the call. That is not always correct. Sometimes attorneys have to argue about who had the right of way prior to the car accident.

Investigating Liability

If a person can prove their case with the help of a St. Petersburg failure to yield lawyer as any other form of negligent case. Usually, what is taken into account is any video surveillance, law enforcement interviews, law enforcement reports, law enforcement citations, and any witness statements, including the statements of the victim and the at-fault driver.

Are Road Signs Important in Failure to Yield Cases?

Many times there is a yield sign, a one-way sign, or a slower traffic to the right sign that gives the driver an indication of where they should be on the road. If those road signs are not followed, they have broken the traffic rules and are going to be at fault for the accident.

Role of an Insurance Company

The role of an insurance company can depend on how strong the liability is. If there is a strong case for liability, the insurance companies will typically not fight the case. If a person has issues proving the liability, their insurance may fight against paying it like any other case. If it is a case and they feel like their insurer has a stronger testimony, sometimes they will fight it. A failure to yield can sometimes be a gray area because it is not like running a red light, running a stop sign, or having a DUI and causing an accident.

Benefit of Legal Representation

A person wants to make sure that the law firm they work with has the resources and the attorneys to handle their case. Experienced lawyers can be accessible to potential clients in the beginning of the case any time the client needs to speak to an attorney.

St. Petersburg failure to yield accident lawyers have a good network of experts to use in car accident cases. Because of the volume of cases and the severity of the cases that are handled all the way up to traumatic brain injuries, attorneys have experts in place that they can use. Proper legal representation can try to maximize every case in St. Petersburg involving a car accident.

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