A rear-end collision often occurs when someone is following another vehicle too closely, not paying attention, or speeding. A rear-end collision is one car’s contact with the rear of another car. Despite being the injured party in the accident, liability will still need to be proven.

A St. Petersburg rear-end collision lawyer can help you protect your rights while seeking out the appropriate compensation for your injuries. It may be critical to your case to speak with an experienced car accident attorney regarding your collision.

Common Collisions

The common cause of a rear-end accident is driving too closely to another car and not hitting the breaks fast enough causing a collision. St. Petersburg rear-end collision lawyers have also seen contact made when a red light turns green and someone hits the gas before the person in front of them.

Impact of Contributory Negligence

Law enforcement runs an investigation to determine who is at fault and who deserves the ticket. If somebody hits a car in the rear, they are going to be at fault unless they can prove some kind of liability from the driver. A St. Petersburg rear-end collision lawyer can help potential clients find evidence suggesting the other party’s negligence.

Contributory negligence can be considered the fault of the front driver. To prove contributory negligence, one would need to prove the driver was not paying attention, they put their car in reverse or came to a stop during a green light.  Even if they did nothing to cause the accident, the at fault driver can argue that the other car contributed to their injuries if they were not wearing a seatbelt.

Evidence for Establishing Liability

The first way a St. Petersburg rear-end collision lawyer can try establishing liability is using the police report and any citations that may have been given to the at fault driver. The second is to use witness statements and testimony from the client as well as anybody that saw the accident.

A person can also use any statements that were taken by the at fault driver by law enforcement as well as any photos taken of the car. Many times they can show who is at fault by photos or by the testimony of an expert who can reconstruct the accident. They can also see if there was any surveillance or video camera footage of the accident, which can be used to show how the accident occurred and prove liability of the at fault driver.

Hiring an Accident Attorney

It is important to contact a St. Petersburg rear-end collision lawyer soon after as opposed to waiting because a person does not want the insurance company to get the upper hand in a case. A person does not want them to do interviews, perform an investigation, and get medical records before they have an attorney doing all the same things. Even if the individual did absolutely nothing to cause the accident, they should speak to an attorney who can establish that in court. The insurance company will still do everything they can to diminish the injured party’s claim.

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