Refusing medical treatment after a St Petersburg car accident could be potentially harmful to the individual and their case. Injuries from an auto collision do not always appear immediately, therefore an experienced car accident attorney may urge you to be seen by a physician as soon as possible. Failing to seek emergency medical care or some sort of care after an accident could sometimes inhibit the ability to prove the connection between the injury and the auto accident.

Why do People Refuse Treatment?

People the mistake of refusing medical treatment after a St Petersburg car accident because they think that they can afford it, that it is going to cost them money. They also have to worry about medical bills in the future. Sometimes injuries are unrecognizable immediately following the crash due to a rush of adrenaline.

Not following a physician’s advice is just one of the potential medical treatment mistakes someone could make following an accident. In other words, a person may be responsible for the fact that they are not getting better because they are not doing what the doctor has told them to do.

Impact of Treatment Gaps

Gaps in medical attention could also be seen as refusing medical treatment after a St Petersburg car accident treatment in court. Treatment gaps can hurt people’s cases because it is assumed that an individual that is honestly hurt will continue to seek medical attention until those are resolved. When a person has gaps in treatment, it demonstrates that the severity of their claim may not be that severe since they were not being treated for them.

Common Reasons People Miss Medical Appointments After a Collision

People cannot miss work because they cannot pay the bills, and if they do not work, they do not get paid. They all miss out on going to their medical appointments because they foresee that the immediate cost losses associated with seeking that care are more important to them. However, this may minimize the value of their case.

Failing to go seek medical attention is a big one or not keeping up with the medical schedule or the treatment schedule of what the physician has prescribed is a big problem. Failing to notify their employers is a problem. Not documenting lost wages, mileage, pain and suffering, or not telling the doctors everything that hurts can be a problem.

Speaking with an Attorney

An experienced collision lawyer could speak to you about the risks associated with refusing medical treatment after a St Petersburg car accident. A lawyer can speak with insurance companies on your behalf and help you assess the proper amount of damages you may be owed. Having a legal aid by your side could be beneficial for you and your case. They could help you collect the evidence you may need to begin seeking compensation for your injuries. Speak with an attorney about how to handle your recovery and build a strong claim for damages.

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