Regardless of the causation or specific manner of occurrence, auto accidents of all types have the potential to produce truly profound and life-altering harm. However, side impact crashes, otherwise known as “t-bone” and “broadside” collisions, are among the most devastating of all.

The immutable laws of physics and the spacial relationships involved in these incidents leave drivers and passengers especially vulnerable to catastrophic injuries, including those that ultimately prove fatal.

If you or someone you love has suffered severe harm in a side impact collision due to the negligence of another driver, a St. Petersburg car accident lawyer is prepared to champion your cause, aggressively assert your rights and work to secure maximum financial compensation on your behalf.

Important Facts About Side Impact Crashes

According to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, side impact collisions represented the second most common category of roadway deaths in 2014, ranking just below frontal impact crashes in number of fatalities produced.

In that year, 5,376 individuals lost their lives in side impact events, constituting a full quarter of all fatal traffic accidents. It is impossible to deny the unique dangers posed by these types of events, and the categories of loss stemming from them can be incredibly harsh.

Unique Threats of Side Impact Collisions

A primary reason for the extreme nature of the injuries caused by side impact crashes is the fact that when they occur, there is very little to protect drivers and their occupants from the force and weight of the vehicle that is hurtling toward the side of their car, whereas with rear-end or even head-on collisions, there are bumpers, trunks, and engine compartments to absorb at least some of the intensity of the initial impact. In side impact events, there is no such buffer, and devastating harm regularly results.

How Side Impact Crashes Often Occur

In all too many instances, side impact collisions are directly attributable to the negligence of drivers who make poor decisions on the roads due to haste, impatience, or simple lack of proper judgment. Failing to heed traffic signals, attempting illegal or dangerous left turns, and speeding through busy intersections are all examples of behaviors known to cause t-bone accidents.

When the irresponsible actions of others result in extraordinary harm, it is critical for victims to pursue every dollar of compensation they deserve.

Severity of Harm Stemming from Side Impact Accidents

As mentioned earlier, the absence of significant energy-absorbing components on the side portion of passenger vehicles can lead to a wide array of crippling injuries and worse. It is not uncommon for those involved in St. Petersburg side impact crashes to suffer things such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Pelvic fractures
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Bone fractures or breaks
  • Chest injuries including fractures of the ribs and aortic damage
  • Harm to internal organs

The sorts of injuries experienced by those entangled in side impact crashes can, and often do necessitate costly medical treatment, ongoing care, and intensive therapy and rehabilitation services. Because the expenses associated with the recovery process are so massive, it is of crucial importance that victims of driver negligence secure zealous legal representation.

When collisions of this type result in death, those left behind, particularly minor dependents, are entitled to seek recovery for the tragic loss of financial and emotional support suffered.

Fighting for Side Impact Crash Victims in Florida

If you have been negatively affected by a side impact crash caused by a negligent driver, you owe it to yourself to explore all avenues of recovery available. To discuss your case with a St. Petersburg side impact accident lawyer who is prepared to assist in your quest for justice, contact our firm today.

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