If you have questions regarding St Petersburg car accident trials, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional collision attorney for assistance. An experienced lawyer can offer you guidance and skilled legal representation throughout the entire process so that you will know what to expect and how to carry yourself in the courtroom. Read on to learn more about what goes into St Petersburg car accident trials, as well as the ways a dedicated attorney could make a difference in your case today.

Starting the Litigation Process

Once an individual has filed their complaint and they have served against the parties that they are making a claim against, they can then engage in what is called discovery pursuant to the rules. This involves interrogatories, request to produce, and admissions. They then have the right to take depositions and also subpoena none-parties for potential evidence. After that, an individual is obligated in state courts to mediate their claim before they have the right to be put on a trial docket.

Explaining St Petersburg Car Accident Trials

Opening statements are given by the attorneys from both sides at the beginning of St Petersburg car accident trials. It is an opportunity to speak to the jury and tell them what the case is about and explain to them what they are going to hear as evidence. The plaintiff presents their case first because they bear the burden of proof. The defense presents their case afterward, and they then have the right to rebut or challenge the evidence presented by the plaintiff. Closing statements are completed by both parties. The plaintiff goes first and offers them a summation of the case. They basically tell the jury what they have heard, explain to them their legal theory of the case, and then will ask for whatever it is that they are looking for them to do when they go to the delivery for a verdict. Afterward, the jury gets instructed by the judge and there are deliberations on the ultimate verdict.

Preserving the Record to Appeal a Case

The litigators are going to focus on the duty that somebody had to maintain the control of their vehicle, the causation that led to injuries from the accident, and the damages themselves. Preserving the record is important because sometimes juries make mistakes and an individual may have to go a district court of appeals to have them review something that was done. If an individual does not preserve the record, meaning they do not make sure that all of their issues are well-documented in the court’s record, they may lose the right to appeal that issue.

Working with a Professional Collision Attorney

An experienced trial lawyer understands how to convey information to the jury, that there are different types of personalities and people who learn things differently. A skilled injury lawyer knows how to present the same set of facts in different ways so that a plaintiff will possess the best chance of having the jurors understand their case and their cause of action. The most complex part of putting on a case is explaining how an accident caused those injuries, and what long-term effect they will have on someone. Depending on how serious and how numerous the injuries are will determine how many medical providers a plaintiff has to put up there to demonstrate their damages.

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