A brain injury can affect your ability to carry out the most basic tasks of life, and even undermine your sense of who you are and your ability to perceive the world around you.

If you or a loved one has suffered this kind of injury, you need to speak with experienced counselors right away. A St. Petersburg traumatic brain injury attorney can help you understand your options and put you on a path toward compensation and justice. Call today to discuss your options with an experienced injury attorney.

Hidden Effects

Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating from the moment they occur, and they can also take a very long time to recover from. The long-term rehabilitation costs related to mental injuries can be overwhelming and are not always covered by insurance.

Additionally, damage to the brain is not always immediately apparent after an accident. Sometimes the symptoms do not appear for a long time, but once they do they can cause significant impairment of one’s quality of life.

No two injuries are exactly alike. Cognitive abilities, emotional response, and even basic memories can all be negatively affected. Anyone who suffers a significant blow or jolt to the head is at risk for long-term consequences and should contact a St. Petersburg traumatic brain injury lawyer if the injury was due to negligent circumstances or actions.

Types of Accidents

Some of the incidents that can lead to traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Car, truck or bus collisions
  • Falling from a high level, or slipping on an uneven floor or sidewalk
  • Disruption of the flow of oxygen to the brain
  • Athletic injuries

Many traumatic brain injuries are the result of high-speed crashes or a fall from a great height, but even less dramatic events can do some damage.

If a person fell on someone else’s property and suffered a head injury, they should think about whether the conditions were as safe as a reasonable person would expect them to be and contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer in St. Petersburg.

Individuals at Risk

The youngest and oldest individuals are often at greater risk. Small children’s skulls may not be fully formed yet. Studies show that senior citizens have less cognitive “reserve” to compensate for the negative effects of a traumatic brain injury, leaving them at significantly higher risk for negative neurological effects, including increased risk for subdural hemorrhage.

Concussions are also known as mild traumatic brain injury, but their effects can be substantial. Typical effects of concussion include difficulty thinking clearly or concentrating, as well as an inability to understand or retain new information. Headaches and sensitivity to noise or light are common symptoms of a concussion.

The neurons in the brain can be easily damaged if the brain is slammed back and forth within the skull. If brain cells are destroyed, a person’s ability to learn can be severely impaired.

How An Attorney Can Help

A St. Petersburg traumatic brain injury attorney will use all their experience and training to assist you. They will help you get the most thorough medical exams and gather the evidence you need to hold the negligent parties accountable.

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