When a motorcyclist does not have insurance, a person is relying on the other driver’s auto insurance to cover all of their injuries and property damage. If someone wants to ensure that they are covered for a serious traumatic injury they may suffer during a motorcycle accident, they should have health insurance. Otherwise, they may find that they need extensive medical treatment and an inability to pay for it.

Another one of the benefits of having health insurance in a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident case is that a person has doctors in their network that specialize in the areas they need treatment. Additionally, there will not be a billing issue at the end.

If a motorcyclist does not have health insurance and the other person has sufficient auto insurance, that may cover all of their treatment for injuries. If a motorcyclist does not have health insurance or auto insurance and the person that hit them does not have auto insurance, the motorcyclist will be responsible for the bills from the medical treatment.

If the bills are not paid, the hospital can send it to collections, which could ruin a person’s credit. It is very important to have health insurance settled in a motorcycle accident case in St. Petersburg, and it is important to have a skilled accident attorney to help someone if they are unsure of their insurance policies after an accident.


A person’s health insurance coverage or paid sick leave from work does not necessarily limit their recovery from a motorcycle accident, but it does have an effect on it. A person cannot get paid twice for the same bill, so if their health insurance pays a bill in full, the auto insurance will not pay that bill.

What happens commonly, is a person’s health insurance will have a right of subrogation, which means if they pay for a bill and get a settlement, they have to pay the insurance company back. If a person has a $1,000 bill from injuries during a motorcycle accident and their health insurance pays it, when the person gets their insurance settlement, they have to pay the money back to their health insurance company.

It is not required that health insurance companies ask a person to reimburse them for paying medical expenses if they receive a settlement, but the majority of health insurance companies reserve their right of subrogation if a person files a claim for injuries sustained when the insurance company pays for the medical treatment.

Every health insurance company is different, but usually, they are pretty fair in what people ask them and they are able to give. They ask for a percentage based on what they paid. If they are going to file a claim in addition to using their health insurance to pay medical bills, they should notify their health insurance company that they are pursuing a claim. That will put the health insurance company on notice to contact their lawyer to let them know what their health insurance lien is.

Factors Influencing the Rate

If a person is at fault for a motorcycle accident in St. Petersburg, their insurance company will raise their rates. If a person makes a claim against their insurance, even when they are not at fault, sometimes their insurance companies will raise their rates. Year to year, a person’s insurance company has no obligation to not raise rates, so they can find any reason to do so they will.

In any case, if a person drives a motorcycle, they are usually going to have higher insurance – premiums. That is why many people do not add their motorcycles on their insurance policy. Some policies specifically have exclusions for motorcycles.

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