Motorcycle accidents can have disastrous injuries and expensive fines attached to the recovery. In order to avoid these potential life changing situations, it is advisable for people to follow certain safety and preventative measures in motorcycle accidents in St. Petersburg. Wearing helmets and protective gear is the primary safety measure that can prevent serious injuries in motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist should ensure that the motorcycle has proper lighting and reflectors.

Being a defense driver and obeying the traffic laws can also prevent accidents and severe injuries as a motorcyclist. If someone was affected because a negligent individual did not follow these safety measures and that resulted in their injuries, a skilled motorcycle accident attorney in St. Petersburg will be essential in building their case.


The rules concerning motorcycle helmets are that a person has to wear a motorcycle helmet unless they are 21 years of age and have over $10,000 of medical coverage. Even then, it is preferred that a person wears a motorcycle helmet.

If a driver knows the safety laws, they are less likely to get into an accident than someone that does not know those laws. The laws of every state are not the same so how someone may pass a vehicle or whether the bike lane is available for motorcyclist may vary when traveling among states.

Preventative Measures

Another safety measure that people need to take to protect themselves before or during a motorcycle accident in St. Petersberg is to wear proper safety gear, including a helmet. If possible, it is also important to try to keep the motorcycle from landing on a person’s body during an accident. After an accident, motorcyclists can protect themselves by hiring an attorney to protect their rights and make sure that they are not being taken advantage of. It would also be helpful to put a camera on the motorcycle.

Having medical cards before an accident can also be helpful, as well as medical information, such as a person’s blood type or whether or not they are an organ donor so that in the event of an accident, the information is available.

On Road Safety Measures

A person should know the speed limit for their safety riding a motorcycle in St. Petersburg. If the motorcyclist intends to drive in Florida, they should also read the motorcycle handbook handed out by the Florida DHSMV and take the safe rider course that is provided to all motorcycle drivers in Florida.

These safety measures differ for motorcycles depending on the size of the engine. The size of the engine can impact the applicable safety measures. The requirements can be more restrictive if the engine is larger or less restrictive for smaller engines. That information is in the motorcycle safety handbook handed out by the Florida DHSMV.

One common misconception about motorcycles is that there are no exemptions to wearing a helmet on a motorcycle. People think that a person has to wear a helmet on a motorcycle, but the law does not require that for every person in every state. But it is the best safety and preventative measure in St. Petersburg motorcycle accidents there is.

Out of State Riders

Out of state riders should refer to the Florida DHSMV motorcycle handbook that is handed out to those with a motorcycle license. It will provide the requirements to get a motorcycle license in Florida and the state laws in Florida. They should know that a person has to wear a helmet unless they are 21 years of age and have at least $10,000 of medical coverage.

Drivers and motorcyclists are required to be aware of the traffic laws when driving in another state. Out of state riders should be aware of the requirements for helmet use. They should also be aware that Florida motorcycle drivers are held to a higher standard because they are supposed to take a rider safety course before getting their motorcycle license.

Being a resident of another state is not a defense for being at-fault in an accident. If a driver is out of state and has insurance that is covering their motorcycle while it is driven in another state, the passenger could still have a claim against the driver’s insurance company. If a motorcyclist has no-fault insurance and the state that they are in an accident in is also a no-fault state and recognizes personal injury protection no-fault benefit, they may travel with the person. Usually, if a person has health insurance that has those no-fault benefits, they will travel with them.

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