Following a St. Petersburg pedestrian accident it is important to make sure those involved are okay and call an ambulance is called if necessary. If the individual is the pedestrian, they need to make sure they seek medical attention immediately and take pictures of where they were. They should get anybody’s names that saw the accident if they are medically or physically able. For more information on how to proceed with one’s case after a collision, speak with a distinguished pedestrian accident attorney.

Following Up on Medical Attention

It may be critical to get medically evaluated after an accident to make sure that there is no structural or internal injury that they do not know about. It is important to follow up with medical treatment to make sure that the injuries are being properly cared for and the individual is doing everything that they possibly can get to get physically better after the accident. If they do not follow a doctor’s orders, they may not heal as quickly or heal properly throughout the process. Listening to the advice of a medical professional following a St. Petersburg pedestrian accident may also be critical for recovery.

When to Call the Police After a St. Petersburg Pedestrian Accident

The police should be called immediately so they can document how the accident occurred and get any witness statements or photographs at the scene of the accident. As soon as they are physically able, they should contact a personal injury attorney to make sure that they can document the case, get any witness statements, get all of their medical records and medical bills, as well as file a claim with the appropriate parties to make sure that the client’s rights are protected and that they are being defended as soon as the insurance company is doing the same thing.

Handling a Hit and Run

It is important to try taking as many photos as possible following a St. Petersburg pedestrian accident. If the driver flees the scene, they should ask witnesses to stay around until law enforcement shows up so that they can have as many witness statements about the defendant as possible. They should not chase after them. Chasing after somebody in a car on foot that has already hit an individual usually does not end well for the people that are on foot.

Types of Information to Collect from the Scene of the Crash

Following a St. Petersburg pedestrian accident, individuals should request the other driver’s information. If they do not provide it to them, the police officer should get any exchange of information as part of the accident report that the police officer fills out.

The most important things are any pictures, videos, witness statements, and insurance information about all the parties involved. It is important to document how the accident occurred, where the accident occurred, where the lights were, where the stop sign was, where the crosswalk was, where the cars were, and where the witnesses were.

It is important to get as much physical evidence with photographs at the scene as one can as opposed to later on when things may have changed if they come back later.

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